Blockmarket Beta 3 – Ready for Testing!

It’s been just under two weeks since we released Blockmarket Desktop beta 2 and we are very happy to announce the release of beta 3! This release represents many additional functional and security improvements in addition to improvements and UX fixes that were reported by the community. While we fixed many issues in beta 3, our progress was somewhat slowed by the Consensus conference, which as discussed in our post here was a huge boost for Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry. We are actively involved in several discussions which came out of the conference and we will continue to update the community on new opportunities and initiatives as they develop.


The list of fixes can be found on GitHub in the usual location where Blockmarket Desktop issues are tracked. The beta status page has also been updated with more information on what is available in this release. For security reasons there was a big change to character encoding in beta 3. This will cause some offers created with beta 2 to display oddly, however this is not a bug. The solution is simply edit these offers using beta 3 and the offer will be updated with the new encoding.


A big thank you to the whole community for identifying and logging issues as they arise in testing. Please continue to log any issues via GitHub issues and the #beta-testing room in our Slack.

Please note that the current beta does not yet have escrow or encrypted wallet support, features that will be added in beta 4 prior to final release. Additional features and enhancements like Changelly integration, reseller support, and multisignature support are being planned for future releases which will occur shortly after the first 1.0 release.


We are pushing forward with our Blockmarket roadmap even as we follow up on the number of leads and interest coming out of Consensus. Continued development and new partnerships will only lead to further exposure for Blockmarket, Syscoin, and Blockchain Foundry and we are working hard to continue to make progress in all of these areas.

Updated beta binaries are available via the links below:


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