Blockmarket Beta Wallets Now Available!

You can now download the Syscoin Wallet v0.1.5.2 Beta 1 from github. This release adds a new “Marketplace” tab to the QT wallet (while we continue to prep the v2 wallet for release) allowing users to purchase items for the Syscoin distributed marketplaces using an interface rather than having to use QT console. This is considered a Beta release because we want to get user feedback in order improve the purchase process as much as possible but its perfectly safe to run on the mainnet.


Several members of the Syscoin Collective have setup wallets on the testnet for users to experiment purchasing on without having to use real SYS to experiment with the experience. We’ll be providing instructions on twitter on how to get free SYS to experiment buying with, so watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds- it will turn into a chance for you to earn real SYS!


In order to get up and running on the TESTNET follow these steps:

  1. Close any running Syscoin wallets and backup any syscoin.conf file currently in your Syscoin data directory
  2. Put this syscoin.conf file in your Syscoin data directory: syscoin.conf for testnet
  3. Restart the Syscoin client and you’ll now be running on the TESTNET. You can verify this because you should now have a zero balance on tesnet (don’t worry your mainnet syscoin are still safe!).


To reconnect to the mainnet / use your normal wallet: Simply rename syscoin.conf to syscoin.conf.bak, close and restart your wallet client and you’ll be back on the mainnet. Rename the file back/restart client to use the testnet again.


Blockmarkets Running on Testnet

Here are the Syscoin Blockmarket Betas currently running on the testnet. These are maintained by members of the Syscoin team and the Syscoin-Collective. Please note the “buy now” button in the browser doesn’t work yet as it requires installers (which we’re working on for release and have ready for windows but are finishing a Mac installer) after which the buy now button will work. For the time being please copy and paste the offer GUID you wish to purchase into the lookup field to experience the purchase flow. In order to ensure there is sufficient inventory, you’ll need to wait for your offer accept to have at least 1 confirmation before you can pay for the offer/item or you’ll receive an error. Please note the GUIDs on the below Blockmarkets will only work on the testnet:


Download Syscoin v0.1.5.2 Beta 1 Now!

Syscoin Beta 1 Windows
Syscoin Beta 1 Mac
Syscoin Beta 1 Github

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