Countdown to Launch

After closing some final issues and confirming Syscoin 2.0 operates properly with the Syscoin’s brand new Bitcoin Merged Mining Pool, we have a final launch date for Syscoin 2.0! Not only that, but we continue to make progress extending the reach of Syscoin 2.0, even though it hasn’t even launched yet.


Syscoin 2.0 Launch Date

Syscoin 2.0 will launch Saturday, April 30th 2016 at 10:00am US/PST. An official countdown clock can be found here. The plan will be to have exchanges freeze SYS trading starting at that time for 24hrs. Any coins mined, sent, or received after the block height at this time will not be valid on Syscoin 2.0. Within hours of trading being stopped exchanges will receive the new 2.0 client. Once exchanges have confirmed all balances are correct we will release the client to the public. Exchanges are free to resume trading anytime thereafter although we’re suggesting a 24hr freeze to be fair to everyone in Syscoin’s global economy before trading resumes.

Prior to releasing the Syscoin 2.0 client we will publish a blog post and video explaining how to convert your Syscoin to 2.0 and the team will be on Slack to answer any questions users may have in regards to the process. After trading resumes we’ll be working to help merchants get their items listed in the days following, some of whom are part of our early adopter incentive program.


Other News and Updates

While the dev team has been busy closing the final few issues before the launch date could be confirmed, the marketing team has been working to make sure Syscoin 2.0’s reach is as broad as possible from day one. TransformPR has been recruited to help boost Syscoin’s message. They’re enabling us to connect with journalists more directly as well assisting us in finding speaking and attendance opportunities at upcoming conferences related to the industries we service in both the FinTech space and the retail sales space.

Syscoin 2.0 will also be included in version 1.6.1 of the Coinomi Multicoin Mobile Wallet. This will make it even easier to send and receive Syscoin 2.0 while on the go alongside your other favorite coins, and ahead of our more robust release of Blockmarket which provides access to Syscoin 2.0’s full suite of services on mobile beyond just send/receive.

Are you a Bitcoin miner? The Syscoin Team is now running one of the very few public merge-mined Bitcoin pools. The pool can be found at The pool currently mines Bitcoin and five other merge-mined coins, with Syscoin 2.0 being mined in “test” mode at the moment. Syscoin 2.0’s live mainnet and real payouts in SYS will be available upon launch of Syscoin 2.0.

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