DirectBTC Feature Demo

The Syscoin 2.0 launch is less than 48hrs away! We’re busy making sure everything is ready to ensure a smooth and successful launch, which will set the stage for the rest of 2016’s development roadmap and lay the foundation for a number of products we will be releasing as the year progresses.

While we’re prepping for launch we wanted to share a demonstration video of a feature we’ve talked about before but never shown in action. We wanted to do this before launch so that Bitcoin users can better understand the value Syscoin can bring to them.
In this demo a few steps have been skipped to keep it concise. The merchant has already listed an item using the directBTC (Accept Bitcoin Only) feature and has set the offer to be publicly visible. The merchant also has exported the private key of the Syscoin Alias that is selling that item from their Syscoin 2.0 wallet and imported it into their wallet (Bitcoin wallet).



The Power of DirectBTC

The power of the directBTC feature is that it immediately opens up Syscoin’s decentralized marketplace to Bitcoin’s extensive ecosystem and large user base. By allowing these users to experience Syscoin’s features without having to take requiring purchasing Syscoin themselves, gives them the opportunity to sample Syscoin 2.0’s features. DirectBTC only gives Bitcoin users access to the marketplace. In order to use Syscoin’s more advanced features such as Encrypted Messaging, Escrow, Digital Certificates, Full Affiliate System and more; they will need to purchase/convert to Syscoin empowering them with all of its benefits.

Attracting Bitcoin users to sample and use Syscoin 2.0 with Bitcoin not only greatly increases the reach of Syscoin’s Marketplace (benefiting merchants and users alike!), it also helps to draw like-minded individuals into Syscoin, exposing them to the value and vision of this project and how this team is really pushing to evolve Bitcoin’s initial offering, using the same proven blockchain technology and taking it much further than just currency transfer.

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