My wallet is corrupt. What do I do?

Run the QT-Wallet with -salvagewallet.

On Windows do the following :

Create a shortcut to the Syscoin-QT.exe by right-clicking on the exe file. Then select “Send to” – > Desktop (create shortcut). Go to your desktop, right-click on the shortcut you have just created and select Properties. Make sure you are on the Shortcut tab. Then under target add -salvagewallet to the end of this.

Was C:syscoinSyscoin-Qt.exe
Should now be C:syscoinSyscoin-Qt.exe -salvagewallet

Click OK. Then run the QT-wallet again using the shortcut.

Remember to remove the -salvagewallet after the wallet has been fixed.

  • J1

    I dont know what went wrong with my wallet but now it just says no block source avaialble… ??
    No savewallet info for Mac… ???
    Why not?, my wallet needs saving, been filing it up with mining and now its just gone.

    • Keyare

      What version wallet?
      2.0 is the only mainnet version.
      I suspect you’re on a Beta wallet which uses TEST SYS and is on a TESTNET.
      While fun, mining test sys is pointless except for testing.

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