Syscoin 0.1.5 Production Release, Product Development Galore and More!

It’s been a while since our last public update so we wanted to share some news with the community! We are still very busy with our legal battle related to recovering the bitcoins that were lost by our escrow provider. The time dedicated to the legal effort is substantial. We have very good solicitors who are helping us make great strides in forming up our case- but I wanted to dispel the belief that solicitors “do it all for you”. They help a great deal, but we want a rock solid case. In respect to that it has taken a significant amount of time working with other members of the crypto community gathering evidence, connecting the dots, and then working with our solicitors to determine the best way to present this all to court. This effort still takes a significant time commitment from core team members – particularly myself and as team manager that has “ripple effects” into all areas of the team.

I want to stress that this condition is temporary, and by the end of December we should be done with all of this and back in 100% development mode. Even as we work through this, development is happening in parallel as shown below!

We haven’t stopped developing! As we mentioned when this all started the legal case would definitely have an impact on our development velocity but it would not completely stop our progress. To that affect we have a number of items/ideas/products we’ve been working on:


  • Syscoin 0.1.5 RC4 – Officially promoted to production release. Syscoin 0.1.5 is now our official wallet, it has been updated on the website and everywhere else. You can get the latest version here. It officially includes Alias interfaces although we are still working on documentation for everything. Please remember it takes 120 blocks from when you “purchase” an alias for the activation of that alias to the “confirmed” – this is normal. This release removes any lingering dependencies on any Moolah infrastructure and also fixes a number of bugs and performance issues.
  • Blockmarket – A wide variety of DNM (Dark Net Markets) were taken down recently. Some of these markets were selling illegal goods and merited takedown but others were just selling items that certain powerful entities didn’t agree with… Syscoin’s decentralized marketplace technology enables fully decentralized marketplaces. This is already working at a console level and Blockmarket is the team’s official initiative to put a user-friendly front end on the service. Expect a working beta within the month.
  • SysPricePeg – A utility that allows you to list Syscoin Marketplace offers in any currency of your choice (crypto OR fiat) and then will automatically convert the value to the equivalent amount of SYS at time of sale. This will allow you to list items on the Syscoin Marketplace for $5USD if you so choose, and then as various exchange rates fluctuate you can be assured your sale will always result in $5USD of SYS at the time of sale. Expect this tool to be released with the month as well and it is highly configurable.
  • SYYK – A proof-of-concept app created by JohnDorien from the team exploring using the Syscoin data services to store/send/manage messages on the blockchain. This is currently in proof-of-concept phase but if users find this valuable we will add an official “social” service to Syscoin that enables this type of functionality via its own dedicated (and more affordable) service. Take a moment to play with the proof of concept and provide us some feedback!
  • First User-Created Marketplace Website – A crafty developer rolled up their sleeves and dug into the Syscoin API and created their OWN marketplace front end on top of the Syscoin Marketplace service. This is still in alpha and @Sphericon is looking for feedback on it and ways he can improve it so check it out or help with the code –
  • New Wallet (0.1.6) – We’ve started working on our new wallet, which is being recreated from scratch from the ground up! It will have many features that people were looking for in the initial wallet. We’ve heard your requests!
  • Roadmap Update – We know the current roadmap is out-of-date and has been since the Moolah litigation started. We will be updated the roadmap later tonight so everyone has a clear picture of the path forward. Apologies for the delay on updating this.
  • Doxbin Data – Doxbin was a darknet site that stored personal information on a number of individuals who’d rather not be exposed. It was recently taken down (then brought back up!). Doxbin houses a wealth of sensitive data in a centralized manner and if lost, could be lost for good. We are interested in reaching out to Doxbin about possibly storing their data using the Syscoin Data service, encrypting their entire datastore and storing it on the Syscoin Blockchain so it could never be taken down, never be deleted or lost.

Syscoin started as a coin dedicated to introducing real, new features in the crypto space. Our team has taken its lumps through this process- first with our launch issues and now with 50% of our funding being lost by the escrow provider. While those events are certainly disheartening and hard for everyone on the team I want to emphasize via the points above that we are still very much here, working on what we’ve promised to work on and planning for more! Even in the face of no funding, we press on- there is huge potential in Syscoin tech and its just a matter of time until things like SYYK, Blockmarket and others make that value abundantly clear and people will realize what they’ve been missing this whole time. We are working hard to get these working features up and out of console and escalated into a more useable context.

If you like what we’re doing, and you support honest crypto teams trying to make an impact in this space I strongly encourage you to donate (BTC) to our legal fund, all proceeds go towards recovering the 750btc lost from our escrow fund by those managing it. We dox’d ourselves prior to launching the coin. We’ve been very transparent with the community, even in our missteps. The sooner we can recover our funds not only the faster we can move, but the we can finally be done with the “Moolah saga” and move on to more important initiatives related to Syscoin and Digital Currency in general.

If you have the means, please donate to the Syscoin Legal Fund :-



We’re working on getting something more official setup for fund collection in terms of a ledger so we can reimburse donors when we win (as we are pursuing court costs). Please know we are coordinating with ALL parties impacted by the Moolah/Mintpal fallout but these funds are allocated specifically to costs related to the SYS case which will be heard before the Mintpal case. Show us some support and we’ll keep on pushing Syscoin’s vision forward!

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