Syscoin 2.1 Update

We’ve been working hard to test Syscoin 2.1 with a target release date of this Sunday, June 26th. Syscoin 2.1 brings major long term scalability improvements to Syscoin which must be tested thoroughly to ensure the network continues to operate in a stable manner. Testing has been moving along well but we have discovered some bugs and usability issues that we want to address before releasing 2.1 to mainnet.

The recent attack on the DAO was a harsh reminder of what can happen when proper testing/security is ignored in a rush to release. As such, we’re taking the necessary steps to ensure Syscoin 2.1 is solid before we release it. We estimate it should only require another week of testing before it can be released, we’re also going to use that time to ensure that exchanges and miners are ready for this mandatory update. We also plan on releasing some blog posts this week detailing the new features in 2.1, and the technical details of the scalability improvements which solve the “blockchain bloat” problem.

We don’t want to leave people empty handed as we finish off testing! To give people an idea of what’s coming we’ll be releasing Syscoin 2.1 as a beta locked to testnet (meaning you cannot use it with “real” coins from mainnet yet). Using the beta the community will be able to explore the new functionality and will also help us to further shake any bugs out. This change means that the beta will be released this Sunday, the 26th with the full mainnet release now slated for next weekend, Sunday July 10. These changes do not impact the Blockmarket Lite timeline, it will still be released shortly after 2.1 goes to mainnet. The roadmap has been updated to reflect these updates.

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