Team Call 24: Meeting Notes

Notes from the 24th team meeting. Focused on the 1.5.3 release and blockmarket but also the launch of the Syscoin Store, Mill. Club News and more


Syscoin team meeting notes from call 24


The Syscoin team has a call on Google Hangouts Sunday of each week. We publish the notes from these calls in order for outside investors to have a sense of team status and progress updates.


Notes from call Sunday June 28, 2015


Blockmarket and Syscoin 1.5.3

  • Concurrent purchase issue resolved via new offerrefund feature which is automatically executed via a basic smart contract on the SYS blockchain. Still undergoing internal testing.
  • Reseller feature completed ahead of schedule, will be included in the 1.5.3 release rather than 1.6.1 as previously planned.
  • Reseller feature to be more robust than initially publicly described. Details have been discussed in Slack, full details to be published on release.
  • Reseller feature now linked to certificates, allowing merchants to control resale of their items and to better suit multiple real-world use cases.
  • Work on offer linking to certificates for resale control revealed bug in certificates which is being addressed alongside the 1.5.3 work
  • All 1.5.3 features mentioned above have been addressed and are currently in iterative test/fix cycles internally, to be pushed to clean public cakenet when team is ready
  • All changes to core code being reviewed by full C team
  • Paused work on blockmarket-client to work top-down from syscoin-node to blockmarket-client to update all commands for 1.5.3 changes and new commands
  • Syscoin-node updates fully complete in new dev-1.5.3 branch, non-C team now working up updating syscoin-api-server with the addition of full REST documentation (via swagger-node) in prep for production release.
  • Blockmarket-core will be updated with full new reseller-feature set after syscoin-api-server updates are complete. Will be ready for 1.5.3 launch as real-world example(s) of how Syscoin decentralized marketplaces provide extremely competitive value and redundancy


Syscoin Mobile Apps

  • Android wallet released to millionaires. Some minor issues have been reported and are being logged here.
  • Android wallet to be pushed to Google Play Store ASAP once current critical issues are addressed, being investigated in smaller millionaires-club group.
  • iOS wallet update TBD, should be ready for submission to store but developer has been busy and update is pending



  • Syscoin Store prepping for release within the next week, full blog post with details to follow by Andy
  • Syscoin Store will eventually integrate with the first SYS ecommerce plugin, displaying yet another real-world use case for the SYS marketplace network
  • Syscoin Store will provide tangible goods to the community and revenue to drive future Syscoin development and possibly hire F/T devs
  • Syscoin Store is using different fulfillment center than the launch rewards with guaranteed delivery and tracking
  • First of many swag/merchandise design contests with initial prize of $100USD + swag to launch via the Syscoin Millionaires club with apparel to be produced via the new store using the design. More contests to follow, additional details coming; currently working out logistics.
  • Article interest expressed from Russian Magazine site Forklog, Sebastien working on article
  • Forklog Article to be combined with existing news/media sources for a PR-Newswire type push ready for release on/around 1.5.3 beta1 public release date


General Notes

  • No team notes from last week in observation of Father’s Day in the US and elsewhere. Team always was in contact via Slack (private, and public)

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