Reaching freedom, by design

Syscoin isn't just built on Bitcoin's security, but by the principles that guided it to becoming the world's most secure and decentralized network.


Syscoin builds leading-edge technology that scales blockchain's original core values to meet the demands of a global population.


We envision worlds of unprecedented financial inclusivity, and environmental and financial economies of scale. Worlds where all individuals and enterprises have unmatched freedom to benefit from Web3 and beyond.

Syscoin brings worlds together by uniting Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision for Bitcoin with Ethereum's functionality, to create new opportunities for a decentralized data-driven world.

Team Leadership

Jagdeep Sidhu

Foundation President
Lead Developer

Michiel Näring

Foundation VP
Project Manager

Willy Ko

Foundation Treasurer

Chris O’Shea

Foundation Board
Marketing & Relations

Bradley Stephenson

Foundation Board
Marketing & Social Media

Contributing Partners


Syscoin started in 2013 with a big idea to greatly expand the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and first launched in 2014. The project began by extending the reach of Satoshi Nakamoto's vision through merged mining. On this foundation, we continue to pioneer new innovation while integrating the best advancements in decentralization, scalability, and functionality. Syscoin Foundation has been guiding the project since 2019.


Syscoin is an open-source public project, protocol, and network. Contributors are dedicated to building a future in which global populations benefit from individual sovereign ownership and have the tools and infrastructure they need in order to obtain, use, and grow digital value at scale, in a decentralized way.

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