Established in 2014, the Syscoin development team boasts a long history of blockchain technology breakthroughs, corporate and grassroots partnerships, and an unbreakable commitment to bringing crypto to the mainstream. We work in close quarters with our ever-growing community of professional developers and enthusiasts to give you one of the best blockchain development platforms in the field, on which you can transact quickly and securely to anyone, anywhere.

Syscoin platform brings you the tools you need to remove the middleman and take back control of the way you do business. Some of the features that could serve your organisation include: blockchain-based token creation (for near-instant point of sale transactions and supply chain tracking), fully-encrypted messaging, a built-in decentralised marketplace, on-chain identity verification, certificates (for proof of ownership), and much more.

The possibilities are endless, the only thing Syscoin Platform needs is your ideas!

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  • 2014

    Syscoin 1.0

    Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision for Bitcoin included a Marketplace embedded directly into the Bitcoin blockchain. The Syscoin founder, Sebastian Schepis, took that vision and built Syscoin 1.0, which included a fully-featured command-line marketplace for buying and selling goods on the blockchain, as well as other new features such as Certificates and Aliases.

    • April 16 2014: Syscoin Project announced
    • Presale launched. 1500 BTC raised, of which 750 was held in escrow and later stolen by Ryan Kennedy (operating as Moolah)
    • August 16, 2014: Syscoin 1.0 launched
    • Bitcoin merge-mining activated for a more stable and secure blockchain [First use of blockchain data as court evidence, in Ryan Kennedy fraud case
    • 2015 2015 Blockmarket Desktop beta version launched.
    • Syscoin becomes "Core" Coin Member of the highly-respected SuperNET organisation (now operating as Komodo)
  • Syscoin 2.0

    Syscoin 2.0 included blockchain pruning, encrypted messaging, Syscoin Identities, decentralised marketplace moderation, private Z-Cash payments, arbitrated escrow support, price-pegging to fiat or other cryptocurrency, and marketplace categories and geolocations.

    • March 2016: Syscoin becomes an official Microsoft Azure Development Partner
    • 2017 March 30 2017: Second altcoin
      to activate SegWit
    • Syscoin API 1.0 Released
    • Syscoin joins the new Microsoft Decentralised Identity Foundation as a founding core member
    • Syscoin invited to lead the Hawaii Digital Currency Foundation
    • Blockmarket 1.0 Desktop released
  • 2018

    Syscoin 3.0

    The 3.0 update was based on feedback from the wide range of companies, organisations, and developers that used previous Syscoin versions for their blockchain applications. In this update, Syscoin became a fully-fledged blockchain development platform. Brand new features included the Z-DAG protocol and Masternodes to facilitate high network throughput (TPS) for assets, Masternode governance, an indexing service, and the Syscoin API 3.0 Asset creation platform.

    • CoinPayments launches CPS Coin on Syscoin Platform and distributes their coin to Syscoin holders via an airdrop
    • Other companies start to build on Syscoin Platform, such as Bitcab and Aibb
    • Syscoin partners with Peer Mountain for regulatory compliant on-chain e-commerce
    • releases official Syscoin network throughput results

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