Asset & Token Platform

Over the next few years tokenization will play an increasingly important role in our lives. Whether in the form of asset-backed money like gold and silver, artworks, real estate deeds, loyalty points or a myriad of other applications, the ability to tokenize assets is set to transform the way we do business. By creating and transacting tokens on the decentralised Syscoin network with Z-DAG Protocol, your assets will become globally viable and you can reap the real-world benefits of Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPTs).

Benefits of SPTs

  • Easy to create at low cost

  • Fully secure

  • Fast transaction speed at low cost

  • Wide range of applications

  • Interfaces with many other blockchains


The Security of Bitcoin

Syscoin is merge-mined with Bitcoin, giving it the security and robustness of the impenetrable Bitcoin network. This provides users with a combination of the security of Bitcoin and the transaction speed of Syscoin. 

Non-custodial Compliance

Syscoin LUX can be adapted by issuers to interface stablecoins and other tokenized assets with existing financial frameworks while maintaining compliance with evolving regulations in a way that works at scale.

Transact quickly, securely, and reliably at very low cost

The Z-DAG Protocol allows you to send and receive tokens in near real-time. An optimized network scales to meet high traffic demands that can congest rival blockchain networks. All while incorporating the reliability and security of decentralization. And it offers one of the lowest transaction fees in the blockchain space.

Applications of SPTs

  • NFTs

  • Securities

  • Utility tokens

  • Certificates

  • Loyalty points

  • Rewards

  • Point-of-Sale

Always Evolving

The future of SPTs continues to expand through the innovations of our team of Core and Community Developers and our partnerships with leading companies in the cryptocurrency domain.

What does the future hold?

Ethereum Virtual Machine

Smart Contracts

Off-chain Data Aggregation

Decentralised Exchange

Lightning network for SP Tokens

Want more detail?

Check out the Syscoin White Papers.