Decentralised Marketplaces

Note: Currently this feature is going through a full redesign. The conclusion was drawn that this feature would be more scalable when putting the data offers off-chain.

Whether you are a buyer, merchant, or e-commerce developer, Syscoin Platform can streamline your e-commerce activities. Powered by our Decentralised Marketplace Platform and the benefits of blockchain, you can obtain increased value, reliability, and liberty.

How Can a Decentralised Marketplace Help You?

Eliminate the “necessary liability” of third-party profiteering and seller fees.

Transact at the point-of-sale with the speed and trustless finality of the Syscoin Network.

Gain visibility of Merchant Offers on the blockchain.

Overcome third-party restrictions and political censorship.

Buy and sell securely using the cryptocurrencies you prefer.

Facilitate white labeling - allow your products to be resold by other merchants, extending your reach and audience.

Gain a ready means of integration with new or existing e-commerce sites and apps.

Enjoy reliable 100% uptime. 

Leverage other Syscoin Platform services within your Marketplace experience, such as Arbitrated Escrow, Identities and Encrypted Messaging.

Your Marketplace, Your Way


Merchants are empowered to determine the nature of their individual marketplace. You can show only your own listings, or restrict items based on a set criteria. This eliminates the risk of being associated with undesirable items or offers.

Buy and Sell Anything, with Anyone, Anywhere on Earth.


Developers can integrate new or existing e-commerce sites and apps with the Syscoin Decentralised Marketplace Platform. Community Developers are ready to help you take advantage of the API tools, data sources, and documentation provided by Syscoin.


Want to learn more about Syscoin Decentralised Marketplace Platform?

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