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Syscoin is a pioneer of trustless and permissionless interoperability that lets you move tokens to other blockchains on demand, without the need for any intermediaries.

Trustless cross-chain interoperability was first introduced to Ethereum on the Syscoin mainnet with Syscoin Bridge version 1 in January 2020. The next iteration of Syscoin will bring Network-enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM). This will deliver more interoperability advancements and extend these capabilities to any blockchain that utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Next-Generation Internet of Blockchains

  • Generalized - First-class integration with any blockchain that can verify Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • Fast - Securely exit a chain within minutes, not days or weeks
  • On-Demand - No need to wait for liquidity, unlike atomic swaps
  • No Custodians Needed - You retain sovereign ownership of your value
  • Trustless - No third-party risks
  • Permissionless - No pre-approvals needed
  • Preserves Privacy