Introducing Monthly Blockchain Foundry Syscoin Video AMAs!

By popular demand and in response to the positive feedback we’ve received around the Messari and ChangeNow AMAs we will be making some updates to the format of Blockchain Foundry’s currently weekly discord-based Syscoin AMA.

In an effort to better engage with the community and to provide additional marketing content we will switch to monthly, live-video AMAs. We plan on doing some experimentation to see what platform/format works the best for the team and the community.

To start we will take a cue from CZ@Binance and use Twitter to live stream our monthly AMAs. We’ll collect feedback from the community on Discord and either proceed with regular monthly video AMAs using Twitter’s platform or experiment with other options based on community feedback.

We’ll host our first video AMA on December 17th, 2019 @ 11:00am EST (4:00pm UTC) via @BlockchainDan Twitter For users who can’t participate live we will collect questions through our AMA questions page and address the top questions in the AMA alongside real time questions.

Dec 13, 2019 by Dan Wasyluk