Syscoin 4.1.3 Mandatory Upgrade

Great news! A number of notable optimizations, enhancements and fixes will be activated on the Syscoin Network after block 448,000, estimated April 6 or 7, 2020. All nodes and QT should be upgraded to Syscoin Core 4.1.3 before that timeframe to ensure they can remain synced with the network.

Syscoin 4.1.3 Mandatory Upgrade

More Projects Benefit from Syscoin Bridge

We have unlocked support for all standard ERC-20 tokens! Previously we restricted Sysethereum Bridge to Openzeppelin standard ERC-20 as an early precautionary measure. Also, the bundled Geth (Ethereum lite client) has been upgraded to v1.9.12.

Z-DAG Becomes Faster and More Secure 

We refactored Z-DAG code and amended logic, resulting in better mempool efficiency, faster transfers, and further hardened security.

Enhancements for Applications & Developers

This version provides two new Syscoind commands enabling applications to interact more deeply with Z-DAG Protocol on a real-time basis.


Masternodes, Asset Protocol, and Auxpow will have a number of fixes implemented. 

And More!

Dig into Release Notes for further details.

Note: Reindex is recommended after installing this upgrade. Use this guide for a simple walk-through of reindexing. Please review the Upgrade Guide for full instructions.

SYSCOIN 4.1.3 LINKS:   Upgrade Guide  |   Release Notes   |   Github

Mar 22, 2020 by Syscoin Development Team and SDMT