Syscoin News Update #87

This news update is provided by the Syscoin Marketing Team (SMT) to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SMT news.

Syscoin and BCF News

New CoinTelegraph Article from Jag Sidhu

Syscoin lead dev and Blockchain Foundry CTO, Jag Sidhu, is back on CoinTelegraph to share his thoughts about on-chain KYC - check it out here.

Blockchain Foundry Partners with NIX Platform

Blockchain Foundry have partnered with leading privacy token developer, NIX Platform, to help them toward their goal of “Total Privacy for All”. BCF will be assisting them with an implementation of their proprietary bridging technology (first used to bridge Syscoin Platform and Ethereum).

To show appreciation to our community, Syscoin holders will recieve an airdrop from NIX -- more details on that soon.

Press Release.

Quan Digital Represent Syscoin At Bitconf

Recent Bridge Bounty winner, Quan Digital have continued to show their support and interest in Syscoin Platform by representing Syscoin at Bitconf Brazil, last weekend. 

During the event they spoke at length with conference attendees about Syscoin Platform and its potential as a scaling solution for the Ethereum network. They also ran an airdrop for attendees, and this promotion will continue after the event with further airdrops and an upcoming podcast appearance. Stayed tuned for more from Quan Digital.

Check the video below for a look at the presentation @4h54m04s (Brazilian Portuguese langauge).

Syscoin BTC and USDT pairs listed on have listed SYS/BTC and SYS/USDT pairs -- it's fantastic to see another stable coin pair for Syscoin!

Jag Sidhu on CoinTelegraph again!

In a recent article on CoinTelegraph, Shiraz Jagati turns to Jag Sidhu for his opinion on interoperability bridges and whether they might be the answer to Ethereum's ever-worsening high transaction fee issue. Check it out below.

Syscoin featured on "Ivan on Tech"

"It's one of those coins that is just delivering, and delivering, and delivering..."

Some very positive words from Ivan Liljeqvist during a recent "Ivan on Tech" broadcast.

Have a listen below at 14m41s.

Binance AMAs

We recently partnered up with Binance to bring the English and Spanish communities an AMA. hosted in the language-specific Binance Telgram channels. These were a huge success and resulted in a notable increase in our social media following and Discord membership. Thank you to everyone who took part, and to Binance for organising!

Bradley speaks to Melchionda Network

Syscoin Foundation and SMT member, Bradley, spoke on the Melchionda Network podcast about all the recent news and developments from Syscoin HQ!

Check it out below @41m49s

New Article on Z-DAG

We recently published an article that explains Z-DAG in an easy and accessible way, so that newcomers can wrap their heads around this ground-breaking scalability tech. Please share far and wide!

New Masternode Governance Resource Online

Syscoin Foundation and SMT member, BigPoppa has launched an excellent new onine resource for monitoring all aspects of masternode governance.

First real-world SYSx ERC20 payment has been made

The first Syscoin payment made with the #SYSX #ERC20 token has been made. This is something of a milestone for the SYSx token, and paves the way for further adoption and wider recognition.

$SYSX is valued 1:1 with Syscoin and is cross-chain. Quan Digital's Kaue Cano provisioned the $BRZ token on Syscoin Bridge and claimed the GitCoin bounty, which was paid in SYSx.

Dan & Jag AMA

The date for the next live video AMA with Dan and Jag will be announced soon. Join our Discord channel and be first to find out.

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Sep 15, 2020 by SMT