Syscoin Weekly Update #74

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Syscoin and BCF News

Syscoin Core Developer AMA #2

Syscoin core devs Dan Wasyluk and Jag Sidhu took part in the second Syscoin Live Video AMA, hosted on Periscope this week. There were some excellent questions (and some tantalising answers...), you can check it out here.

Z-DAG Coming to Mobile Wallets

Blockchain Foundry announced this week that their propietary Z-DAG protocol will be coming to the Syscoin Mobile wallet, bringing with it lightning fast, zero-confirmation transactions, and a host of new use-cases...

Syscoin Added to Coinmerce

Syscoin has been added to Coinmerce, a popular mobile wallet and trading platform for iOS and Android devices. Download it here.

"Syscoin Fun Challenges"

A mysterious new Twitter account has appeared with a devilish puzzle and promise of great rewards.... Check it out below!

Dan & Jag AMA

The date for the next live video AMA with Dan and Jag will be announced soon. Join our Discord channel and be first to find out.

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Feb 7, 2020 by SDMT