Syscoin Weekly Update XLI.

Weekly Video: Level Up Your Gaming on Rollux

We're bringing back our video, "Level Up Your Gaming on Rollux," to offer both the Syscoin and Rollux communities another chance to dive into the transformative impact Rollux is having on blockchain gaming. This video is especially relevant in light of our recent AMA interviews with Score Milk, a Web3 gaming platform that aligns perfectly with Rollux's vision for fast, secure, and scalable in-game transactions. Whether you're wagering on your performance in-game or simply enjoying a seamless gaming experience, Rollux is setting the new standard. If you missed the video the first time around, now's your chance to catch up and understand how Rollux and its partnerships are shaping the future of decentralized gaming. Thank you for being a part of this game-changing journey.  

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Throwback to @BigPoppa

This past Thursday, Syscoin threw back to 2018 when Chris “Big Poppa” O’Shea of the Syscoin Foundation and now SYS Labs was featured on Australia’s 60 Minutes due to his involvement in the cryptocurrency scene. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you can check it out here. In this clip, he gave a timeless message to the eternal naysayers of decentralized blockchains like Bitcoin, Syscoin, and Rollux, which you can see for yourself below.’s International Defi Day 2023 feat. Jagdeep Sidhu

In honor of International Defi Day this past Thursday, featured Syscoin Lead Core Developer and SYS Labs CEO, Jagdeep Sidhu, amongst a host of other guests, to speak about the important work being undertaken by Syscoin and Rollux as spiritual successors to Bitcoin, carrying the mantle of decentralization forward as we continue to innovate. Gain some insight on how Rollux properly offers the only EVM in the industry that remains truly decentralized and aligned with the ideals of Satoshi by watching or listening to the video below, time-stamped for your convenience. The interview with Jag lasts until about 2:19:30.

The Selfmades: You Need to Watch Syscoin Now

Although we featured this video in last week’s update, it is worth reiterating, if only because Rollux tweeted it out last Friday. 

The YouTube channel, The Selfmades, has released an updated review of the Syscoin Platform, including Rollux, and given a decent overview on the qualities that make Syscoin and Rollux a unique proposition to the industry. If you know someone in need of easily accessible materials for doing their research, this video offers an excellent primer.

And for our German-speaking audience, you’ll be pleased to know The Selfmades has also released another version of the Video als Deutsch. 😉

ThirdWeb Joins Forces with Rollux to Streamline Web3 Development

Rollux announces a significant expansion in its developer toolset, as ThirdWeb's complete web3 development framework now supports the Rollux platform. This collaboration allows developers to deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) on Rollux with ease and speed. ThirdWeb also offers a public RPC, further simplifying the development process. This partnership not only enhances Rollux's capabilities but also invites more developers to explore its scalable and secure ecosystem.

Viem Integrates Rollux and Syscoin: A Boost for Developers

The developer toolkit just got richer with Viem SDK's latest release, which now includes support for both Rollux and Syscoin networks, along with their Tanenbaum testnets. This integration simplifies the process for developers looking to build on these platforms, offering them a streamlined way to get started. Check out the documentation to kickstart your development journey on Rollux and Syscoin.

Rollux: The Game-Changer in the Crypto Market

Rollux is stepping up to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market, aiming to set a new standard for security, scalability, and user experience. The video showcases how Rollux combines the robust security of Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work with the versatility of Ethereum's EVM, offering a transformative approach to the crypto landscape. With a focus on user-centric design and innovative technology, Rollux invites viewers to be part of this groundbreaking change. Experience the revolution and be a part of the change with Rollux.

Syscoin and Rollux Make Their Presence Felt at Token 2049

As the crypto world turns its eyes to Token 2049 in Singapore, Syscoin and Rollux are right there in the thick of it. Business Development Lead Matthew Mappin and Syscoin Foundation & SYS Labs members Chris "Big Poppa" O'Shea and Willy Ko are on the ground, networking and spreading the word about Syscoin and Rollux's innovative technologies. It's a golden opportunity to make important connections and keep the momentum going. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sep 13, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation