Syscoin Weekly Update XXI.

Weekly Video: SYS Labs Acquires FortKnoxster & Introduces SuperDapp: Rollux's Killer Dapp


🚀Discover the exciting new developments in the Syscoin ecosystem in our latest video, where we discuss SYS Labs' acquisition of cryptosecurity company FortKnoxster and the collaborative development of SuperDapp, an AI-enhanced next-gen social crypto platform built on Rollux technology. Get ready to explore the future of decentralized applications with SuperDapp, which harnesses Rollux, Syscoin's official L2 scaling solution, to deliver a seamless user experience tailored for the crypto community. 💡

In this video, you'll learn about:

• SYS Labs' acquisition of FortKnoxster 🛡️

• SuperDapp's innovative features, including a personalized AI assistant 🤖, built-in privacy 🔐, a novel self-custody wallet 💼, and seamless Web3 connectivity 🌍

• The commitment of SYS Labs and FortKnoxster to push the boundaries of innovation, security, and decentralized technology, fostering a robust ecosystem for users, developers, and the blockchain community ⚙️

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Galxe Rollux Rollout Campaign Level 2


If you’ve been sleeping on the Rollux Rollout campaign we’re running with Galxe, then it’s time to wake up! We’ve now released our Pegasys-focused Level 2, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to win some awesome rewards you cannot find anywhere else. If you do, then don’t be sad when you see other community members flaunting their NFTs you wish you had.

Syscoin Gold Academy Grand Prize

Speaking of Galxe campaigns, today we announced the grand prize winner of our previous Syscoin Gold Academy campaign. Congratulations to our loyal community member, Fernando. We hope you enjoy your brand-new masternode! 🎉

Consensus 2023

The Syscoin & SYS Labs teams have converged on Austin, Texas for one of the biggest crypto conferences of the year, Consensus 2023. Attending these kinds of events and the side events attached to them provides us an important opportunity keep a pulse on the direction of the industry, network with other professionals and potential partners, and of course, spread the good word about how exclusive products like Rollux or its integral features Proof-of-Data Availability and Bitcoin-based security. Over the next few days, we’ll be making connections and taking advantage of one of the rare times our decentralized teams have to speak in person. 

We will also be filling you in along the way, so keep your eyes peeled for Twitter updates! Also, look forward to upcoming interviews with various Syscoin team members we will be releasing, which will help you get to know some of us working behind the scenes better and learn what we think about all that’s happening in the space.

Try Rollux Today

Yes, you read that correctly, anyone can glimpse what’s in store for the only L2 rollup built on Syscoin by taking part in our ongoing testnet. If you are a developer who wants to use an Optimistic rollup secured by Bitcoin with insanely high speeds and low fees, then get started today!

Alex G Breaks Down Data Availability

Syscoin Business Developer, Alex Guerra has been making short videos to help explain some of the most pertinent aspects of Syscoin. In this video, he explains the importance of Syscoin’s unique Proof-of-Data Availability solution (PoDA) and how it overcomes some of the issues prominent projects have yet to address. If you’re not already, follow his Twitter account, and if you think your project could benefit from Rollux, please contact him, especially if you’re in Texas. Interviews Jagdeep Sidhu

Syscoin’s Lead Core Developer, Jagdeep Sidhu, was recently featured by for a long form interview, in which he gave an in-depth perspective of Syscoin’s underlying technology and its applications, touching on topics like merged mining, AI, rollups (Optimistic & ZK), and the important role of Bitcoin. You can watch or listen here:

BitMart Listing

BitMart has indicated they will be supporting our NEVM utility token $SYS with a USDT pair. If you need another exchange to serve your digital asset needs, then consider Bitmart.

LBank Consensus Party

If you’re attending Consensus, come see us at LBank’s Party tomorrow evening. We can share good vibes, and who knows, maybe you’ll find out some valuable information about what’s happening with Rollux?

Apr 26, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation