Syscoin Weekly Update XXIV.

Weekly Video: Meme Tokens vs. Bitcoin's Core Values: The Path Forward

Join us as we delve into the current buzz around trendy meme tokens and discuss why it's important to re-embrace Bitcoin's original values for the future of our economy. We talk about Bitcoin's potential to foster a world where every country plays fair, and how we can preserve these core principles amidst the whirlwind of new financial possibilities.

Discover how Rollux and Syscoin emerge as ground-breaking solutions in this dynamic scenario. With Rollux's impressive speed and minimal fees, alongside Syscoin's contribution to fortifying Bitcoin's security, they stand as potent answers to the challenges at hand. Immerse yourself in this insightful journey into the realm of crypto. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more intriguing insights.

Returning to Bitcoin’s Roots Amidst BRC20 Meme Token Craze

If you enjoyed the video, read the words that inspired it as delivered by none other than Syscoin’s Lead Core Developer & SYS Labs President, Jagdeep Sidhu. You can check it out on BlockDesk or SYS Lab’s Medium.

Charting Progress and Planning for the Future: Rollux Mainnet Deployment Update

We're thrilled to share an exciting update on the progress of Rollux, which is on the brink of going public on the mainnet. Notable achievements include the successful operation of our closed dry-run of Rollux Mainnet, crucial infrastructure development, and a satisfactory security audit by Cyrex Ltd. Additionally, the Rollux Portal is almost ready, with a feature for bridging NFTs coming soon.

There's more on the horizon: Upgrades to Uniswap V3 for a more efficient liquidity service, preparation of comprehensive Rollux documentation for our Community Hub, and the deployment of the Rollux Mainnet Explorer (Blockscout). We're grateful for your patience and support as we work to deliver a product that revolutionizes the crypto space. For a detailed update on our progress and plans, read the full announcement. Don't forget to follow us for the latest updates and the reveal of the mainnet release date. Together, we're shaping the future of blockchain technology!

Rollux Development Summary

If you’re more of an infographics kind of person, Crypto Magnified has you covered! They summarized the progress being made on Rollux all in one easy-to-read picture.

Rollux Update According to Alex G

Are you more of a YouTube short person? That’s okay too, because in that case Syscoin Business Developer, Alex G has your back!

$SYS Now Available on Bitvavo

For our European friends interested in trading $SYS on a centralized exchange, we are happy to announce this is now possible on Bitvavo!

Syscoin’s Security Grows Stronger

Frequent contributor to the weekly update, House of Chimera, recently shared a chart highlighting how Syscoin’s hash rate continues to grow through the magic of merged mining, which strengthens Syscoin while enhancing the Bitcoin network with added utility.

Klever’s K5 Upgrade Supports $SYS

For users of the non-custodial mobile wallet, Klever, will be glad to know the K5 upgrade has added support for the NEVM chain. Previously, Syscoin support was limited to only our native UTXO chain.

This integration not only allows Klever users to send, receive, and store SYS directly in their wallets but also paves the way for future support of SYS swap pairs in Klever Swap. We invite all Klever users to update their Klever Wallet K5 to the latest version and experience the seamless integration of Syscoin. For an in-depth look at this development, check out the full announcement. Join us in celebrating this significant step forward in blockchain innovation!

Pali Wallet Gearing Up

SYS Labs’ native wallet for the Syscoin ecosystem, Pali, is undergoing major changes in preparation for the release of Rollux. Think of Pali as the MetaMask alternative built specifically for the Syscoin ecosystem. As we prepare to launch the most advanced rollup in the industry with Rollux, we need to provide a trustless, easy-to-use, native wallet for navigating our fertile ecosystem, and that’s exactly what Pali is. Look forward to more details about Pali V2 coming soon!

Corey Costa Interviews Kintsugy

Today I, the author of this weekly update and Syscoin Team Member, Dylan Stewart, also known as Kintsugy, was interviewed by Corey Costa to talk about a range of topics from how I got into the crypto space to why I believe in Syscoin. I hope you enjoy it, but either way, feel free to reach out or send hate mail to me on Twitter!

While you’re at it, check out Syscoin Business Developer, Nathan Hatzfeld’s tweet substantiating my claims about how cheap it is to transact on the Syscoin network!

May 17, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation