Syscoin Weekly Update XXXIX.

Weekly Video: Why Rollux Chose Bitcoin's PoW Security


Welcome to Rollux! In this video, we explore the superiority of Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) and why we chose it as the foundation for Rollux's security and scalability. Learn how we're taking PoW to the next level, enhancing and optimizing it for a more secure blockchain experience. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share!  

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Rev Up for Rollux: Phase 2 Ignites This September with Major DeFi Focus


Rollux is gearing up for an exciting September with the launch of Phase 2 of its ecosystem. Get ready for new $SYS-based DeFi opportunities, innovative staking options, and more, all while enjoying the lowest fees in the EVM space. Whether you're a crypto novice or a seasoned trader, Rollux has something for everyone.

New Rollux $SYS Faucet Unveiled in Preparation of Phase 2


Syscoin Domains and Rollux are making it easier for newcomers to dive into the Syscoin NEVM with the release of new faucets. These faucets provide enough $SYS for a transaction or two, serving as a perfect entry point for those eager to explore the Rollux ecosystem.

Unlock E-Commerce Excellence with Syscoin via NOWPayments


In a groundbreaking collaboration, NOWPayments and Syscoin are offering a new horizon for e-commerce businesses. The partnership promises enhanced security, lower transaction fees, and seamless integration through Syscoin's robust blockchain networks. Merchants can now leverage Syscoin's UTXO, NEVM, and Rollux networks, each offering unique features like high security, Ethereum compatibility, and scalability.

The article also highlights the benefits of Syscoin's Z-DAG technology and Proof-of-Work settlement, which ensure fast and secure transactions. It emphasizes the platform's flexibility, allowing for easy bridging to Ethereum's Virtual Machine (EVM) and a broader decentralized ecosystem. This makes Syscoin an attractive option for businesses looking to expand their reach and tap into a larger customer base.

To make the integration process even smoother, NOWPayments introduces its Subscriptions API. This feature-rich API allows merchants to set up recurring payment plans, generate payment links, and manage transactions in real-time. It's an all-in-one solution for businesses aiming to provide a seamless and efficient payment experience for their customers. The article serves as a comprehensive guide for any merchant interested in elevating their e-commerce capabilities.

Syscoin Spotlighted in CryptoEQ's RADAR Report: A Deep Dive into Scalability, Interoperability, and Economics


CryptoEQ has released an eye-opening RADAR Report that puts Syscoin in the limelight, detailing why it's a project worth watching. The report lauds Syscoin's innovative approach to scalability, highlighting its use of Layer 2 solutions like zkRollups and Validium, along with Z-DAG technology. These features make Syscoin a formidable player in various applications, including DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. The report also praises Syscoin's interoperability, noting its compatibility with Ethereum's EVM and robust bridging capabilities that simplify cross-chain operations.

The RADAR Report doesn't stop at technology; it delves into Syscoin's unique economic model that balances both inflationary and deflationary mechanisms. This approach not only incentivizes network participants but also ensures the long-term economic health of the currency. With such comprehensive insights, CryptoEQ's RADAR Report serves as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the future of blockchain technology and Syscoin's role in shaping it.

Dive into Web3: Rollux's X Spaces AMA with Mises Browser Now Available for Replay


Missed the live X Spaces AMA featuring Rollux's Derek, Dylan, and Bradley with the Mises mobile browser? Don't worry, you can still catch the enlightening discussion on Web3 and the future of decentralized technology. The conversation dives deep into how Rollux and Mises Browser are shaping the next wave of innovation in the blockchain space.

Whether you're new to Web3 or a seasoned enthusiast, this AMA is a must-listen to understand the groundbreaking work being done by Rollux and Mises Browser. Tune in at your convenience to explore the future of decentralized tech and how you can be a part of it.

Last Friday’s Video: Rollux: The Perfect Blend of Bitcoin’s Security and Ethereum’s Flexibility

Welcome to Rollux, where we combine the robust security of Bitcoin with the dynamic versatility of Ethereum. In this video, explore how Rollux leverages the best of both worlds to provide a blockchain solution that's secure, flexible, and perfect for developers and users alike. Join us and experience the Rollux difference.

Ignite Rollux's Phase 2 and RolluxSpark NFTs


Rollux is gearing up for an exciting Phase 2 of its DeFi launch, introducing RolluxSpark as the official ecosystem NFT. Available soon on Luxy, these NFTs are more than just collectibles; they're your ticket to becoming an integral part of the Rollux ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more details on how to get your hands on a RolluxSpark NFT and be a part of this groundbreaking phase in blockchain technology. Don't miss the chance to be at the forefront of innovation with Rollux's next big step.

Aug 30, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation