Syscoin Weekly Update XXXVII.

Weekly Video: Why Rollux Is the Best Platform for Dapps

Welcome to the world of decentralized applications (dapps) with Rollux! In this video, we explore why Rollux is the best platform for building and launching your dapp. Whether you're into finance, gaming, social media, or supply chain management, Rollux offers a robust platform, supportive community, and cutting-edge technology to make your dapp dreams come true. The possibilities are endless, and we're here to help you launch your dapp into the stratosphere. Join the Rollux movement today and redefine the future of decentralized technology. 

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A Luxurious Upgrade: Faster and Smoother NFT Experience on

Luxy, the official NFT Platform of the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystems, has announced a significant upgrade that enhances the user experience. The recent performance updates on have dramatically reduced loading times for NFTs on the Explore and Collection pages. Thanks to running on Rollux, users can now enjoy a fast and smooth experience as they create, collect, and trade NFTs. This upgrade reflects the ongoing commitment to innovation and user satisfaction within the Syscoin and Rollux communities, ensuring that Luxy remains at the forefront of the NFT space. The improved performance is live now, inviting users to explore the platform with newfound agility and ease.

AiDA Comes to Life: SuperDapp's AI-Powered Assistant is Alive!

Jagdeep Sidhu, Syscoin’s Lead Core Developer and Foundation President, has announced that the technology behind AiDA, the AI-powered personal assistant in SuperDapp, has been successfully implemented and is now functional. SuperDapp, a product of SYS Labs, offers a unique blend of social interaction, non-custodial wallet functionality, and seamless digital asset management. With AiDA, users can look forward to an even more personalized and interactive experience, as this AI GPT-4-powered assistant can perform tasks, provide notifications, and tailor suggestions to individual preferences. The integration of AiDA into SuperDapp represents another exciting advancement in the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystems, enhancing user engagement and convenience. The whitepaper detailing this innovative technology is expected to be released soon.

What’s $SUPR Token?

SuperDapp has unveiled the $SUPR token, a vital element within the SuperDapp ecosystem. This token is designed to fuel various utilities that enhance user engagement, incentivize developers, and strengthen the web3 community. As a product of SYS Labs, SuperDapp continues to innovate by offering unique features that combine social interaction with blockchain technology. The introduction of the $SUPR token adds another layer of functionality and incentive for users and developers alike, aligning with the broader vision of Syscoin and Rollux to foster a thriving decentralized community. More details about the $SUPR token and its role within the SuperDapp ecosystem can be found on the SuperDapp website.

Last Friday’s Video: A Fortified Alliance: Rollux and Cyrex Join Forces for Enhanced Blockchain Security

Rollux has strengthened its partnership with Cyrex, a leading cybersecurity company known for its expertise in penetration testing, load testing, and software development, with a focus on online gaming, blockchain, and Web3. This collaboration marks a significant step in Rollux's commitment to providing secure, scalable, and efficient Layer 2 solutions. Cyrex's proficiency in securing Web3 DApps, performing smart contract audits, and innovative load testing with their headless script solution, Cyrex Swarm, makes them a valuable asset to the Rollux ecosystem. The partnership has already seen Cyrex's exceptional services leveraged for audits on Syscoin, Rollux, Pali, and others. This deepened collaboration underscores Rollux's dedication to security and scalability, bolstering the robustness of the platform and contributing significantly to the future of blockchain and Web3 security.

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Tuesday’s Video: Why Rollux Is the Future of Defi


Welcome to Rollux, the future of decentralized finance. In a world where traditional finance systems fall short, Rollux is upgrading how we transact, trade, and trust. By breaking down barriers and creating a more accessible financial system for all, Rollux is here to lead the way. Join us on this journey and discover why Rollux is the future of DeFi. Watch now and be part of the change.

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Aug 16, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation