Syscoin Weekly Update XLVI.

Weekly Video: Dive into DeFi: A Quick Intro with Rollux Phase 2

Curious about Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? A new video featuring Rollux Phase 2 offers a quick and straightforward introduction. Learn how smart contracts are automating transactions and why DeFi is more than just a trend—it's a financial revolution. If you're tired of traditional finance's limitations, this short video is your gateway to a more inclusive and transparent financial world. Don't miss it!

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Rollux Phase 2 Is Here with More to Come!

Rollux unveils its monumental Phase 2, setting new standards in the DeFi universe. This groundbreaking update introduces Layerswap, a superhighway connecting 18 exchanges and 24 blockchains, and a UTXO bridge that simplifies migration to Rollux's EVM Layer-2. But there's more—Pegasys, a native DEX with gamified experiences, and Agave, a robust lending protocol, are among the exciting new features designed to enrich your DeFi journey.

The article also highlights a range of other innovative platforms, including Gamma for liquidity management, Beefy as your go-to yield aggregator, Nexter for prediction markets, GoRollux as the native launchpad, Liquidity Tree for innovative liquidity management, and SuperDapp, a complete Web3 ecosystem. Each platform offers unique incentives and tokens to actively engage the community.

Don't just read about it—this is a future you'll want to actively shape. Rollux Phase 2 is more than an update; it's a quantum leap in decentralized finance. With a community-centric ethos and a suite of revolutionary features, Rollux is the epitome of innovation and inclusivity. Dive into the full article to understand the breadth of what's coming and how you can be a part of this transformative journey. The future is Rollux, and it's already here. Don't miss out!

Rollux $SYS Takes Over Exchanges and Wallets: Your Gateway to DeFi Just Got Broader

Great news for Rollux $SYS enthusiasts! The token is now supported for deposits and withdrawals on multiple exchanges, including MEXC, DigiFinex, BitMart, and LBank. Each exchange offers a unique opportunity to dive into the future of DeFi with Rollux's Phase 2 expansion. Whether you're looking to trade, invest, or simply explore, these platforms provide a seamless transition to the Rollux ecosystem.

But that's not all—Rollux $SYS has also been integrated into Bitget Wallet, enhancing your crypto experience with seamless transactions and top-notch security. This multi-platform support not only broadens your gateway to innovation but also fortifies your DeFi portfolio. Don't miss out on the future; it's already here!

Luxy's Phase 2 Rollout on Rollux: A New Home, Farming, and Exclusive NFTs Await You!

The $LUXY token has successfully migrated to its new home on Rollux, and Luxy is celebrating in style. Migrating your $LUXY tokens to Rollux is now a breeze, thanks to the simple token swap feature on Luxy's Finance page. And the excitement doesn't stop there! The $LUXY farm is set to go live tomorrow, offering early migrators and farmers a chance to unlock enhanced rewards. Don't miss this golden opportunity to reap the benefits.

The moment you've all been waiting for is almost here—the much-anticipated release of the Rollux Arcade Token and Rollux Spark. These aren't just any NFTs; they're your gateway to a world of exclusive benefits and opportunities within the Rollux ecosystem. And let's not forget, a grand celebration giveaway is also in the works to show appreciation for your unwavering support. There's a whirlwind of innovation and opportunities coming your way, so make sure to read the full article to catch every detail. Luxy and Rollux are shaping the future of DeFi and NFTs, and you won't want to miss a second of it!

Pegasys Unveils a Game-Changing Lineup for Rollux Phase 2: From Farm Expansion to Seamless Staking and Beyond!

As Rollux Phase 2 takes off, Pegasys is not holding back on innovations that are set to redefine your DeFi experience. First up is the Farm Expansion, a groundbreaking initiative in partnership with industry leaders Gamma Strategies and Beefy Finance. This expansion promises to unlock a new era of farming and yield optimization, offering strategies and opportunities like never before. But that's not all—Pegasys is also elevating its staking game. Expect a seamless, secure, and more rewarding staking experience on the Pegasys interface you've come to trust.

The excitement continues with the introduction of Liquidity Incentives, based on the latest governance proposal. These incentives are designed to reward both Farm and Staking activities, empowering you to earn more while contributing to the ecosystem. And let's talk about bridges—Pegasys is facilitating easy transitions of your UTXO $SYS to Rollux with the UTXO Bridge by Chainge Finance, and the CEX Token Bridge by Layerswap ensures easy onboarding for everyone. The possibilities are truly endless!

But wait, there's more! Pegasys is also introducing a Leaderboard and enhancing your experience with WalletConnect. And of course, keep an eye out for a celebratory giveaway that's just around the corner. To stay in the loop with all these exciting developments, make sure to follow Pegasys and Rollux, and join Pegasys' Discord. The blockchain revolution is here, and Pegasys is leading the charge!

Join the Celebration: Rollux Phase 2 DeFi Launch Kicks Off with a Giveaway!

The moment we've all been waiting for is here—Rollux's Phase 2 DeFi launch is live, and what better way to celebrate than with a massive giveaway! This is your chance to win big and get even more involved in the Rollux and Syscoin communities.

Here's how to enter:

  1. Retweet the official announcement from Rollux.
  2. Follow @RolluxL2 and @Syscoin on Twitter.
  3. Join the Rollux Discord and Syscoin Discord channels.
  4. Tag two friends in the giveaway post.
  5. Reply to the giveaway post with your Rollux $SYS address from your Pali Wallet.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of something revolutionary. Get your entries in and let the celebrations begin!

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Hello, Rollux Community! 

As we dive deeper into the massive DeFi expansion of Rollux Phase 2, we want to make sure you're right there with us, every step of the way. The best way to stay updated, get involved, and maximize your benefits from this groundbreaking phase is to join our vibrant Discord communities.

🚀 Rollux Discord: This is the heart of all things Rollux. Get real-time updates, engage with the team, and be the first to know about new features, partnerships, and giveaways.

🌐 Syscoin Discord: Syscoin is the backbone of Rollux, and their Discord community is a treasure trove of insights and opportunities. Learn more about how Syscoin's technology powers Rollux and what it means for the future of DeFi.

👾 Luxy Discord: Luxy is taking NFTs to the next level, especially with the recent migration to Rollux. Join the Luxy Discord to stay ahead of exclusive NFT drops, farming opportunities, and more.

🎠 Pegasys Discord: As our DEX, Pegasys is a crucial part of the Rollux ecosystem. Join their Discord to learn about upcoming farming expansions, staking rewards, and liquidity incentives.

🤖 SuperDapp Discord: SuperDapp is SYS Labs’ killer dapp built to take full advantage of the intersection between Web3 and AI, centered around a social experience you won’t find anywhere else!

By joining these communities, you're not just observing—you're participating in the future of DeFi. So what are you waiting for? Click those links, hit 'Join,' and let's build the future together!

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Rollux Phase 2 and Chainge: Unveiling the Next Frontier in DeFi Interoperability

Rollux Phase 2 is here, and it's a game-changer! We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Chainge, bringing groundbreaking features like instant settlements and a seamless NEVM to Rollux Bridge. Stake your $SYS, engage in governance, and don't miss out on this quantum leap in DeFi. For all the exciting details, download the Chainge app and join us in making history! Read the complete article here.

Coinify & Rollux: A Strategic Alliance for Seamless Crypto Onboarding

Rollux has announced a strategic partnership with Coinify, a leading payment gateway for digital assets. This collaboration marks a significant phase in Rollux's development, offering users direct onboarding to the Rollux ecosystem and the ability to acquire $SYS utility tokens using fiat currency. The Coinify widget will be integrated across multiple platforms within the Syscoin Rollux ecosystem, including Pali Wallet, Pali Browser, and Pegasys DEX. This move aims to make decentralized finance more accessible and secure, aligning perfectly with Rollux's mission for scalability, security, and efficiency.

Navigating the Forest of Data: Rollux's PoDA Technology and the Legacy of Ralph Merkle

Rollux recently released a thread highlighting the importance of data integrity and how their Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA) technology takes it to the next level. Inspired by Ralph Merkle, a pioneer in cryptography, Rollux's PoDA ensures not just data security but also its availability. The technology allows for efficient scaling of rollups and quick verification of mass transactions. Rollux emphasizes user empowerment and offers the lowest rollup fees in the industry. As part of the larger Syscoin ecosystem, which includes PegasysDAO,, PaliWallet, and SuperDappAI, Rollux is more than just a technological innovation; it's a philosophical statement advocating for a decentralized future. Get started today at Syscoin and Rollux.

Rollux in the Spotlight: The Selfmades Dives into the Unique Upgrades of Rollux

Big shoutout to The Selfmades for featuring Rollux and exploring the unique upgrades it offers to decentralized applications (dapps). As the only Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Layer 2 solution grounded in OPStack and secured by Bitcoin, Rollux stands out in the crowded blockchain space. We would also like to clarify the pronunciation of PoDA (Proof-of-Data Availability) as "poe-dah." Dive deeper into the Rollux ecosystem, which includes our greater ecosystem with Syscoin, Pegasys, and SuperDapp, by watching the video here.

Unlock the Magic of SocialFi: SuperDappAI's Game-Changing Launch


Great news for the decentralized world! SuperDappAI is launching with a groundbreaking #SocialFi feature. This new offering allows users to explore the wonders of group memberships, equitable profit-sharing, and dynamic community growth. As part of the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystem, SuperDappAI continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in decentralized applications. Don't miss out—join the vibrant community on their Discord channel.

NFTs Meet SocialFi: SuperDappAI Unlocks New Possibilities in Group Dynamics

SuperDappAI is taking NFTs to the next level within their platform. Members can now receive NFTs that represent group access, offering a whole new layer of possibilities. These NFTs aren't just for show; they can be traded, transferred, or sold, allowing for dynamic membership and stake management. Additionally, these NFTs can be staked for #SUPR tokens, thereby increasing liquidity within the SuperDappAI ecosystem. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with Syscoin and Rollux's vision for a decentralized and empowered community. 

Istanbul Beckons: Rollux and SYSLabs to Showcase the Future of EVMs at DevConnect

If you're planning to attend Devconnect in Istanbul next month, make sure to catch the future of Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) with Rollux and SYSLabsOfficial. They'll be joining forces with other industry leaders like SupraOracles, Polyhedra, RISC Zero, and Metis. This event is a golden opportunity to witness firsthand the innovations that are shaping the future of decentralized technology. Don't miss out; check the details here. 

Rewind and Relearn: Catch the Recorded Insights on the Future of DeFi with Syscoin

Missed the live event? No worries! You can still tune into the recorded session of "Navigating the Future of DeFi: Insights from Innovators," hosted by The discussion featured industry leaders including Nimbus, Syscoin, and Florence Finance. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the innovations that are shaping it. Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights from the experts. 

Forget Sharding, Embrace PoDA: Syscoin's Answer to Data Integrity and Scalability

Tired of waiting on sharding solutions for scalability? Syscoin offers a compelling alternative with their industry-leading Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA) technology. Not only does PoDA ensure data integrity, but it also scales RolluxL2 efficiently. This is a game-changer in the world of Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) and a must-try for anyone looking to optimize their decentralized applications. Learn more about how PoDA is revolutionizing the space in the Syscoin documentation

Bridging the Gap: Syscoin and Pegasys on Democratizing Finance

Crypto Coin Show recently sat down with Jag Sidhu to discuss the Syscoin protocol and Pegasys' unique approach to hosting both security and utility tokens on a single platform. The conversation delved into the creation of securities as ERC-20 tokens and how this is lowering barriers to entry in the financial industry. This interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in the democratization of finance and the innovative solutions Syscoin and Pegasys are bringing to the table. 

¡No Te Lo Pierdas! Special AMA in Spanish with Syscoin and Rollux Team

Mark your calendars! Syscoin and Rollux are hosting a special Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in Spanish. Featuring team members @function0x and @DevElCuy, this is a golden opportunity to get your questions answered and gain insights into the Syscoin and Rollux ecosystems. Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or new to the space, this AMA is not to be missed. 

Oct 19, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation