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Behind the Blockchain: Marki D.

Meet Marki D., Syscoin's Global Community Leader, whose leadership and technical prowess have significantly shaped its Spanish-speaking community and quality assurance standards. With a background in the Spanish army, Marki infuses Syscoin with unmatched strategic insight and dedication, driving its growth and innovation. Dive into Marki's story to see how his commitment to excellence and community engagement reinforces Syscoin as a blockchain leader, inspiring the future of technology.

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Syscoin Unveils World’s First zkDA,  Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Building on Bitcoin through Modularity

Discover Syscoin's groundbreaking zkDA, a revolutionary Zero-Knowledge Proof-of-Data Availability solution, crafted in collaboration with Polyhedra Network and NodeKit. This article unveils the world's first zkDA, marking a significant leap in blockchain scalability and security, and enabling massive expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem through Syscoin's advanced technology. Dive deep into how zkDA, along with DA rollups and Bitcoin-rollups, is transforming blockchain's potential, offering unprecedented scalability and security. Learn about Syscoin's unique integration of sophisticated smart contract execution and DA rollup architecture, all backed by Bitcoin’s gold standard Proof-of-Work network security, making Syscoin a frontrunner in modular blockchain design.

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