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Test out our NEVM Smart Contracts today!

Oct 13, 2021

We recently released our NEVM Smart Contract layer, which is now on the public Testnet called Tanenbaum. The NEVM brings EVM and scalable smart contracts to the Syscoin ecosystem. For a deeper understanding of the Syscoin NEVM, you can read more about it here; Syscoin NEVM Smart Contract Layer Explained.


Introducing an NFT Platform Like No Other

Jan 26, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Syscoin 4.2 will support the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens, offering a new level of usability.


What is Z-DAG?

Sep 3, 2020

Syscoin's Z-DAG is a blockchain throughput scalability solution that adds very little complexity.  It solves problems endemic across the industry, not by altering mission-critical fundamentals or reinventing the wheel, but through proper tooling and facilitation across the network, maximizing the utility of battle-tested Bitcoin code.


Syscoin 4.1.2 Mandatory Upgrade Notification

Jan 11, 2020

Users of Syscoin 4.1 clients or below may experience issues in which blocks get stuck. All Syscoin users should upgrade to 4.1.2. to prevent these issues.


Syscoin Bridge Development Update

Nov 19, 2019

We have been working diligently to finalize agent and contract repositories to achieve code completion ahead of the Syscoin 4.1 release. 


It's Time to Cross the Bridge

Nov 1, 2019

After months of internal testing, and with the help of the mighty Art-of-Bug team, we are thrilled to announce that the Syscoin Bridge testnet is open for public testing!