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Blockchain as a coordinated global Von Neumann architecture
As we have built our vision and completed the first iteration of the design, we have reached some new revelations of scale working with rollup developers and ZK researchers.
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Blockchain Idealisms
In this article, we present our ideals into one desirable blockchain that presents the most efficient way to achieve decentralized scalable consensus to serve a smart contract platform.
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Why Syscoin is the ideal Layer-1
Syscoin is the only dual-chain UTXO / EVM architecture where all of the following characteristics are working in perfect harmony to comprise the layer 1 protocol.
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ApeSwap Expanding on Rollux

ApeSwap is working on expanding to Rollux, bringing with them their core product offering of DEX, Jungle Farms, and Treasury Bills. Their goal is to help craft a narrative around Sustainable Liquidity Mining on Rollux, ensuring that new projects launching or expanding to Rollux are set up with long-term, sustainable, protocol-owned liquidity.


Porsche24 and Team GP Elite Partner with Syscoin to Launch NFT Collection

Syscoin has got its feet wet in the motorsport scene with a brand new collaboration with Porsche24 and Team GP Elite. The P24 Fender Benders NFT collection will be launched on Luxy Marketplace and the launch date will be announced soon!


Hacken Chosen to Audit Syscoin’s Layer 2

Syscoin has partnered with Hacken to utilize their expertise in auditing our Layer 2. Hacken is a leading Web3 cybersecurity auditor who works with some of the biggest names in the industry. Syscoin and Hacken are working together to achieve our shared vision of faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions ushering in the next level of blockchain adoption.


Syscoin PoDA is Live on the Tanenbaum Network

Syscoin's Proof of Data Availability (PoDA) innovation has been deployed to Tanenbaum, adding functionality to support rollups with Layer 1 data availability.


KOLnet to Redefine Marketing on Syscoin

KOLnet partners with Syscoin to integrate their Web3 marketing platform. KOLnet is the world's first marketing launchpad introducing IMOs or Initial Marketing Offerings, their utility token, KOL, and bringing accountability to the industry through Proof-of-Marketing. KOLnet is a multichain project who will help lead the launch of Syscoin's NEVM Layer 2 once released.


Build It Merchants to Build Gaming Platform on Syscoin

Syscoin partners with Build It Merchants to bring their gaming platform to the Syscoin Protocol. Build It Merchants wants to make gaming more fun by adding crypto features to non-crypto games, giving players the chance to earn tokens or NFTs for simply playing and earning achievements, all in a seamless user experience free of webwallets or gas fees.


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