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Revealing the Method in the Madness
Syscoin's clear advantage as a steady and decentralized modular layer 1 blockchain supporting the scaffolding of a fast and convenient layer 2, rollups, and fractal scaling.
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Blockchain Idealisms
In this article, we present our ideals into one desirable blockchain that presents the most efficient way to achieve decentralized scalable consensus to serve a smart contract platform.
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Why Syscoin is the ideal Layer-1
Syscoin is the only dual-chain UTXO / EVM architecture where all of the following characteristics are working in perfect harmony to comprise the layer 1 protocol.
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Syscoin Bridge Mainnet Launch Success!

We are delighted to announce the successful mainnet launch of the Syscoin Bridge protocol, representing a significant technological leap in blockchain interoperability. Block 348,000 was reached at 4:02AM UTC on January 28th 2020, activating Syscoin Bridge. Welcome to interoperability that aligns with Nakamoto ideals - trustless, permissionless, decentralized, secure, and available.


2Tokens, including Syscoin Foundation, Blockchain Foundry, and other relevant industry partners, will achieve a common perspective and understanding of the implications and benefits of Tokenisation to society, and help establish a clear set of rules and guidelines. Supporting organizations include European Union, the Dutch government, and universities based in the Netherlands.


Syscoin Platform 4.1 is Live!

Syscoin 4.1 includes the long awaited Syscoin Bridge which enables two-way interoperability with Ethereum. Syscoin Bridge will go live at block number 348,000, expected approximately January 28th, 2020. Our decision to release 4.1 at this time gives miners, exchanges and masternode operators ample time to upgrade accordingly.


4.1 Release and Blockheight Announcement for Syscoin Bridge Mainnet

We’ve reached this exciting moment after over a year of research and development. Syscoin 4.1 is being released this Friday, December 20th, 2019. Syscoin Bridge, to and from Ethereum, will go live at block number 348,000, expected approximately January 28th, 2020.


By popular demand and in response to the positive feedback we’ve received around the Messari and ChangeNow AMAs we will be making some updates to the format of Blockchain Foundry’s currently weekly discord-based Syscoin AMA.


Spark Wallet Raffle Winners Announced

We have announced the winners of the Spark Wallet Raffle, read on to see if you won, and find out how to claim.


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