Syscoin NFTs

Syscoin LUX takes NFTs to the next level, beyond the limitations of other blockchains.

Increased Functionality

  • Spawn multiple unique NFTs at low cost
  • Create F-NFTs (Fractionalized) so buyers can own a fraction of a single item on the blockchain
  • Alter the number of available shares to influence the distribution of your F-NFT’s value
  • Create a standard Non-fractional NFT that only one account can own, and own entirely


Deliver your users an experience that is secure, low-cost and instant, even when blocks are full! NFT’s on Syscoin LUX can take advantage of a decentralized high-speed network powered by our proprietary Z-DAG Protocol. Alternatively you can implement a customized API with simple logic that guarantees security, effectively making transactions instantaneous. Either way, you win!

Light as a Feather

Your NFT will scale to future demands and provide ultra-low transaction fees. Compared to a standard token, a Syscoin LUX NFT uses only 4 extra bytes on the blockchain. It is also an efficient UTXO asset. Compare this to ERC721 tokens on Ethereum which consume 50 to 71+ extra bytes, and come with high fees and bottlenecks. A big difference!


Set up an NFT that will take advantage of numerous upcoming advancements in the Syscoin ecosystem, including scalable Turing-complete smart contracts and the emerging world of trustlessly interconnected chains. With Syscoin, your value won’t be left behind by a rapidly advancing tech industry. Check out Syscoin’s roadmap to see where we’re heading.

Custom Business Rules

Design your own Notary API and use your own customized logic to check every transaction request of your asset. Your API decides whether to authorize (sign) the transaction before it can settle on the blockchain. This is incredibly useful for applications such as business rules, regulatory compliance, or enabling truly instant in-game transfers which are 100% safe from double-spends.

Industry-Leading Blockchain Security

Inherit the most proven security. Syscoin LUX is merge-mined with Bitcoin. Miners create Syscoin blocks by recycling energy they have already spent mining Bitcoin. This provides energy-efficient Proof of Work and makes your NFT secure with a significant proportion of Bitcoin’s own hash power. Furthermore, Syscoin LUX source code is 90%+ compliant with Bitcoin Core. Contrast this with the many blockchains which have already deviated from the de facto industry standard.

Increased functionality, blazing fast, light as a feather, future-proof, custom business rules, industry-leading blockchain security – in combination, these features have created Syscoin LUX’s next-gen NFT!