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Rollux OPv1 is the first version of Syscoin's first rollup layer 2. It is based on a fork of Optimism version 1 and will follow Optimism into the upcoming Bedrock upgrade. Rollux OPv1 supports fractal scaling for Syscoin NEVM. Future Rollux solutions will include ZK-based rollups as well.

Rollux solutions such as OPv1 are designed to enable end-users with near-instant low-cost transfers, executions, and contract deployments.

Inherit World-Class Features

Syscoin’s Vision of a Comprehensive Rollup solution.

Bitcoin Merge-Mined

Syscoin is merge-mined by Bitcoin's own network of miners and inherits a significant portion of Bitcoin's hashrate (currently ~30%) without imposing any additional energy costs on miners and while incentivizing them with SYS. Syscoin asserts that Layer 1 security is fulfilled better by PoW than PoS for multiple reasons.


Syscoin’s finality provides effective resistance to 51%, malicious MEV, and selfish-mining attacks, while retaining PoW. Attackers must accomplish two expensive and challenging tasks: 1) Control greater than 50% of the hash power supplied to Syscoin, plus 2) Control over 60% of all Syscoin masternodes.

Data Availability

Syscoin’s PoDA differs from Ethereum’s danksharding in how data is stored, presented, pruned, and how fees are calculated. PoDA is able to utilize an existing fee market while Ethereum requires the addition of new complexities. PoDA is nearly ready for mainnet. Ethereum’s danksharding for DA appears to be a year or more away.


Revealing the Method in the Madness
Syscoin's clear advantage as a steady and decentralized modular layer 1 blockchain supporting the scaffolding of a fast and convenient layer 2, rollups, and fractal scaling.
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Blockchain Idealisms
In this article, we present our ideals into one desirable blockchain that presents the most efficient way to achieve decentralized scalable consensus to serve a smart contract platform.
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Why Syscoin is the ideal Layer-1
Syscoin is the only dual-chain UTXO / EVM architecture where all of the following characteristics are working in perfect harmony to comprise the layer 1 protocol.
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