Z-DAG Protocol

Z-DAG is the component that makes Syscoin Platform the fastest and most scalable decentralised asset platform in the world.

We are empowering enterprises, institutions, and potentially your current project, with near real-time asset or point-of-sale transactions.

How Can Syscoin’s
Z-DAG Protocol Benefit You?

Perform transactions faster than, or comparable to, credit card networks without confirmation delays.

Scale to meet performance demands of global use and future growth by harnessing the vast resource pool provided by Syscoin’s specialized network of Masternodes.

Conduct secure and reliable transactions with Proof of Work and decentralization.


...with the power of Syscoin
Z-DAG today.

  • Currencies

  • Commodities

  • Point-of-sale

  • In-game purchases

  • Syscoin Marketplace

  • Stocks

  • Property Deeds

  • Licenses

  • Other Certificates

Externally Tested Performance & Scalability

Any project can make TPS claims. The Syscoin core developers commissioned Whiteblock and its team to thoroughly and objectively test and assess Z-DAG at scale. It did so with cloud simulation of a live production network. The results showed 60158 transactions per second.

Read Whiteblock’s report on Syscoin Platform, including technical details

Whiteblock Report

Scaling Solution for Ethereum

In Syscoin 4.0, the combination of Z-DAG and Syscoin Bridge technology will enable ERC-20 tokens to leverage the speed and security of Syscoin Platform. In effect, this makes Syscoin Platform a robust and accessible scaling solution for applications running on the Ethereum network.

Want to learn more about
Z-DAG Protocol?

Check out the Z-DAG White Paper.