Syscoinu2019s patent-pending Z-DAG achieves Satoshiu2019s original goal of decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash. This fast, low-cost L1 service extends to all asset tokens on Syscoin, both fungible and non-fungible (NFT).

  • Near-instant value transfers

  • Low cost (~ 0.000004 SYS per tx)
  • Bitcoin-compliant on-chain settlement

  • Fast and low cost, even when blocks are full

  • Third-party benchmarked performance (60,000+ burst TPS live network throughput)

Faster, less expensive, and more reliable than credit card networks to guarantee that asset transactions comply with your custom rules before notarizing them to settle on the blockchain.

Useful for regulation-compliant money when combined with Syscoin Notary.

Couple Z-DAG with payment channels to scale to Billions of users.

Security that is interactive and flexible enough to meet any value transfer need.

Peace-of-mind with Bitcoin-compliant blockchain settlement.

Whiteblock scientifically benchmarked Z-DAG Protocol within a parameterized cloud simulation of a live production network. The results showed 60,158 burst TPS throughput, and 140,000+ TPS in the zero-latency control group. Read their detailed report.

An In-depth Look:
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