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Revealing the Method in the Madness
Syscoin's clear advantage as a steady and decentralized modular layer 1 blockchain supporting the scaffolding of a fast and convenient layer 2, rollups, and fractal scaling.
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Blockchain Idealisms
In this article, we present our ideals into one desirable blockchain that presents the most efficient way to achieve decentralized scalable consensus to serve a smart contract platform.
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Why Syscoin is the ideal Layer-1
Syscoin is the only dual-chain UTXO / EVM architecture where all of the following characteristics are working in perfect harmony to comprise the layer 1 protocol.
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Explore Syscoin’s growing tools and opportunities on the blockchain

Modularity that always serves your value.

Our tech stack provides the scalability, security, and functionality you need to move and grow into the decentralized future.

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Adapt to the legal and operational frameworks of your industry

Regulations and business rules evolve. With Syscoin's opt-in business layer, you can too. Our technology helps enterprises and institutions safely benefit from public blockchains and DeFi like never before. Lower your infra costs, reduce liability, and secure a greater presence in the world of tomorrow.

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Plug into a leading-edge protocol built on proven technologies

Level-up your critical applications and tools with the ultimate in decentralized security, reliability, and scalability.

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Protect your digital assets and sovereign ownership

Get empowered with advanced decentralized security. Syscoin is merge-mined by Bitcoin's network and chainlocked for finality on top, securing Layer 1 data availability. Everday users and builders get the ultimate in long-term peace-of-mind.

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Explore Syscoin’s growing tools and opportunities on the blockchain

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