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Note: Some exchanges support either UTXO UTXO, NEVM NEVM and/or Rollux Rollux. Please use caution before sending to make sure it is either a UTXO address or a 0x NEVM and Rollux address.

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Use a Syscoin wallet from a trusted provider to manage your SYS. Wallets are available for all major operating systems and mobile devices. What that means is that you can swap wallets at any time or use multiple wallets for individual purposes. Some wallets also allow you to manage several Syscoin accounts from one application.

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Dual-Chain Design

Syscoin layer-1 is a dual-chain design that trustlessly bridges Syscoin between ERC-based SYSX and UTXO-based SYS. Syscoin functions as a dual-chain to provide the most adaptable and secure blockchain infrastructure.

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Bridging SYS and SYSX

Metamask and other familiar ERC-token based wallets can be used to hold SYSX, while UTXO-based wallets can hold Syscoin’s SYS. To get your UTXO Syscoin into an EVM wallet, you can use the core wallet to manually bridge, or use our easy-online bridge.

Future developments will include a seamless dual-chain experience.

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