What is a Syscoin Wallet? 

A wallet is a tool for managing your Syscoin account. Wallets are available for all major operating systems and mobile devices. What that means is that you can swap wallets at any time or use multiple wallets for individual purposes. Some wallets also allow you to manage several Syscoin accounts from one application. 

Example: You can have a wallet on your mobile phone for everyday transactions and a wallet on your computer for more long-term storage. 

Manage your assets

Your wallet shows your balances, transaction history and gives you a way to send and receive funds. Some wallets do even more.

Your Syscoin account

Non-custodial wallets such as Pali Wallet do not have any control over your funds, only you do. That means that the only way to access your wallet is through the possession of it or your private seed phrase.

Join the metaverse

Your wallet lets you connect to any decentralized application using your Syscoin account. Wallets like Pali Wallet act as a login you can use to access many different DApps and experiences.