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Stochastic properties of EIP-1559 basefees
EIP-1559 is a new proposed pricing mechanism for the Ethereum protocol developed to mitigate short-term volatility in demand for transactions.
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House of Chimera Research: Blockchain developments on Syscoin
Our research paper aims to provide insights into the latest blockchain developments in the cryptocurrency industry while suggesting a way forward in a rapidly maturing landscape.
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A Design for an Efficient Coordinated Financial Computing Platform
Sys Network Lead Developer, Jag Sidhu, takes a deep dive into Sys Network's future plans.
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Syscoin 4.0 White Paper
The fourth iteration of Syscoin presents a rollup-centric smart contract platform that combines Bitcoin's security and Ethereum's flexibility through NEVM (Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine), using protocol adaptation, while maintaining separation of concerns.
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Finding Scalibility for Ethereum-Based Projects
Syscoin is merged-mined with Bitcoin, providing state-of-the-art security and additional revenue for mining pools as Bitcoin continues to the halvening.
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Z-DAG White Paper
Z-DAG, or Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph, was designed by our core developer and CTO of Blockchain Foundry Inc., Jag Sidhu, as a scalability solution for assets and tokens on the Sys Network. We are proud to provide the Z-DAG White Paper, which details the technology behind this groundbreaking innovation.
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Whiteblock Z-DAG Analysis
After receiving feedback from our enterprise partners, Sys Network Lead Developer Jag Sidhu commissioned Whiteblock to measure the Z-DAG transactions-per-second ("TPS") rate. Z-DAG is the technology that powers asset transfers on the Sys Network blockchain. Read about the testing methodology and see the results here.
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House of Chimera Research Paper
A third-party deep dive into the future of Syscoin, looking into benchmarks, market opportunity, and both its current and upcoming developments.
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