Bold brand. Bold future.

We love that you would want to help spread the word about Syscoin. Below we have provided some guidelines on our assets.

"Syscoin" with a capital S.

You may use the Syscoin name and logo on your website or app as long as you adhere to the Syscoin branding guidelines.

  • Do not alter the Syscoin logo; only use as provided.
  • Do not combine the Syscoin logo with other images without consent.
  • Do not use the Syscoin brand in any way that implies a non-existent relationship, affiliation, or endorsement.
    For example, "We partner with Syscoin."
  • Do reference Syscoin as follows: "Powered by Syscoin"
  • Do not use the Syscoin brand in conjunction with any illegal or unlawful activity, promotion, or product.


Here are some official assets with our special "Syscoin Blue":

Download media kit


Here are the hex codes of the official Syscoin brand colors, as well as the official typefaces we use across all of our marketing materials.



Here are the fonts for Syscoin

W04 Heavy 20% spacing
700 - Bold, 400- Normal


By using our brand assets, you agree to adhere to our Branding Guidelines. For any questions please Contact Us.