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Join our growing network in the stratosphere of digital value. Earn rewards for contributing key Web3 infrastructure.

Why Masternodes?

Join our growing network in the stratosphere of digital value. Get incentives for contributing key Web3 infrastructure.

Enhanced Network

Syscoin masternodes provide optimally balanced decentralized security.

Stress-Free Service Layer

Our network of masternodes is a robust and reliable resource pool driven by a specialized incentive model which has proven itself since 2018. It is currently supported by ~2,500 independently owned and operated nodes. Furthermore, all masternode services ultimately resolve to Nakamoto consensus, their primary foundation.

Additive Security

Syscoin’s masternodes serve to provide a more resilient decentralized finality to protect against 51% attacks and limit MEV for better DeFi. While Ethereum’s Casper-based approach leads to chain forks and reorgs if finality is not achieved, Syscoin’s multi-quorum chainlocks are combined with underlying PoW making Syscoin’s chain resilient.

~40% Syscoin locked

With over ~40% of Syscoin locked in ~2500 Syscoin Masternodes and growing, Syscoin boasts one of the most decentralized service layers and fully distributed supplies.

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Masternode Rewards

Latest Payouts

Syscoin's network of masternodes is resilient against price fluctuations. Our specialized incentive model with seniority benefits is formulated to foster long-term predictability of resources. This has proven effective. Today, over 50% of masternodes serving our network have been active for longer than 2.5 years.

Weekly Monthly Yearly
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1 Yr Seniority
2.5 Yr Seniority

Launch a masternode today

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Decentralized Governance

Each month, the Syscoin protocol deterministically ensures governance funding becomes available. Any individuals or groups can become eligible to receive some of these funds by proposing an initiative. Each masternode can cast a vote on each proposal. At the end of the month, funds are distributed to the approved proposals. Successful proposals tend to be those that support and advance Syscoin, such as marketing and dapp development initiatives.

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75% of each regular block reward is distributed to Masternode operators as an incentive to continue running the node. Each payout amounts to roughly 55 SYS, though this will increase over time due to the Seniority Benefits mechanism. The likelihood of a Masternode receiving a payout is inversely proportional to the total number of Masternodes on the network. At the time of writing, a Masternode is likely to receive a 55 SYS reward roughly once every 60 hours.

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Setting up a masternode

Hosting a Syscoin Masternode requires pledging 100,000 SYS to the network. This collateral is sent to an address you own, where you keep it locked for the lifespan of the masternode. A cold (offline) wallet is recommended for security. You can withdraw the collateral at any time should you decide to stop running your masternode.

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Launch a masternode today

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