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Syscoin Ambassador Mission

To create opportunities for community members that have a desire to grow the Syscoin brand and ecosystem. Over everything, the goal is to bring worlds and people together and do good inside and outside of ecosystem.


Ambassador Roles

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Community Builders

Translate content, set up meets, moderate social media room & share ideas to grow the Syscoin community.

Content Creators

Set up meets, moderate social media room & share ideas to grow the Syscoin community.


Syscoin is always looking to provide relief to devestated or underprivileged areas.

What is a Syscoin Ambassador?

A Syscoin Ambassador is someone who is pioneering growth for the global Syscoin Ecosystem. The goal of Syscoin is to bring blockchain to the people in an inclusive environment where we build community, educate and focus on doing good for the world.

Ambassador Rewards

We have a broad range of roles, bounties, and tasks for people to complete and earn SYS rewards. There are different levels of involvement at which you can participate to help play your part in growing the community.


Revealing the Method in the Madness
Syscoin's clear advantage as a steady and decentralized modular layer 1 blockchain supporting the scaffolding of a fast and convenient layer 2, rollups, and fractal scaling.
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Blockchain Idealisms
In this article, we present our ideals into one desirable blockchain that presents the most efficient way to achieve decentralized scalable consensus to serve a smart contract platform.
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Why Syscoin is the ideal Layer-1
Syscoin is the only dual-chain UTXO / EVM architecture where all of the following characteristics are working in perfect harmony to comprise the layer 1 protocol.
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