Our L1 ecosystem provides the tools and infrastructure to support your rollup or other L2.

Check out our Rollux L2 ecosystem to use your $SYS with a universe of dapps.

Ankr provides streamlined access to their global network of nodes.

Cartesi Rollups support a VM with a RISC-V architecture, making it possible to boot Linux or other mature operating systems.

Cartesi Machine, a virtual machine (VM) that runs an entire Linux OS, in which each dApp's back-end is executed.

Chainge Finance
Find, store bridge and swap crypto assets effortlessly with Chainge – the all-in-one DeFi hub.

Blockchain node infrastructure for building dApps.

NodeKit is building a shared sequencer L1 called SEQ that helps rollups decentralize their sequencing, leading to higher uptime and enhanced interoperability without sacrificing performance.

OP Stack
The OP Stack is the standardized, shared, and open-source development stack that powers Optimism, maintained by the Optimism Collective.

Bringing interoperability, scalability, and privacy to Web3 with cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof systems.

Rollux is Syscoin’s L2 and ultimate EVM rollup platform rooted in Bitcoin's PoW for unparalleled security, scalability, and affordability.

Earn. Trade. Build. Join the Future of Finance.

Bridging real-world data to simplify and secure the smart contracts of financial markets.

zkBridge (Polyhedra)
The first trustless, efficient, and secure cross-chain interoperability protocol with zero-knowledge proofs.

A non-custodial platform where you can host Syscoin Sentry Nodes.

Bitcoin Virtual Machine
BVM enables builders to launch their own Bitcoin L2 blockchain in a few clicks, write smart contracts, deploy dapps & utilizes Syscoin’s DA layer to solve scalability constraints on Bitcoin.

Build, Customize, and Launch your production-grade Rollups with Zeeve’s Rollups as a Service (RaaS): Low-code, scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure for ZK Rollups and OP Stack Rollups.

Quad-Rollup on Bitcoin with Connected Assetbits.

A shared sequencing marketplace and finality gadget connecting layer-2 scaling solutions.

Join the ecosystem

The Syscoin Ecosystem is growing faster everyday as we lift the restrictions on blockchain's abilities. Aside from our tech, our partners and project developers are our greatest asset. If you have a Web3 app, we invite you to join us. Let's change the world together.