Bitcoin Backed Data Availability

Using zkDA as the Data Availability (DA) Layer in your Rollup Stack, you're tapping into Bitcoin.

Syscoin’s BitcoinDA differs from Ethereum’s danksharding in how data is stored, presented, pruned, and how fees are calculated. BitcoinDA has characteristics that make it a valuable alternative to Ethereum’s work-in-progress data availability solution, Proto-Danksharding.

  • Cheaper transactions.
  • No data sharding required.
  • Greater data throughput with efficient Keccak data blobs.
  • Secured by Bitcoin’s own PoW plus Syscoin's finality.
  • More resilient to network-based outages/censorship.
  • Simpler data fee market based on Syscoin’s UTXO fee market.
  • Nakamoto Assumption: Only one honest node is needed to guarantee data.

Creating Bitcoin Rollups!

  • You are only as secure as your DA layer, we secure your data via Bitcoin through merged-mining.
  • No trusted setup in our BitcoinDA service, no quantum safety concerns as DA is hash based.
  • Liveness and censorship resistance of your rollup is guaranteed by Bitcoin miners.
  • Provides up to 426 kb/second premium DA service.

DA Rollups!

  • Scale DA throughput to practically unlimited amounts.
  • Flexible to various DA strategies in an ever changing blockchain environment.
  • Enables tiered DA approaches, BitcoinDA vs DA rollup depending on your needs while maintaining industry-leading security standards.

Launch on any chain!

  • Convert any rollup chain to a Bitcoin rollup by using zkDA. You effectively upgrade your security to Bitcoin while scaling beyond current limitations.
  • Securely bridge rollup chains together to create a true omni-chain environment.
  • Craft custom DA settlement strategies: Pick your favorite DA layer or use multiple DA layers even on a per-batch basis. Our network maintains the security while providing a global DA registry accessible via zkDA.
  • Syscoin becomes your layer 0 gateway for DA secured by Bitcoin.

Compare against others!

Integration with Bitcoin Security

zkDA emphasizes its security by leveraging Bitcoin's proven security model through merged-mining. This approach provides a high level of security and trust, as it is backed by the robustness of Bitcoin's mining process. We are the only one that integrate with Bitcoin's security model.

No Trusted Setup and Quantum Safety

Syscoin's BitcoinDA service, a key component of zkDA, does not require a trusted setup and is quantum safe, as it is hash-based. This contrasts with some blockchain solutions that may rely on cryptographic techniques vulnerable to quantum computing or require a trusted setup, potentially introducing security risks.

Liveness and Censorship Resistance

The zkDA framework guarantees liveness and censorship resistance for rollups, underpinned by Bitcoin miners. This level of assurance is critical for maintaining the integrity and availability of data on the blockchain. zkDA is the only solution that has a direct tie to Bitcoin miners provides a unique advantage.

Premium DA Service and Scalability

zkDA offers a premium DA service with the ability to provide up to 426 kb/second, which is significant for high-throughput requirements. Additionally, the DA rollups in zkDA allow for scaling DA throughput to virtually unlimited amounts. While others focus on scalability, zkDA's approach of combining BitcoinDA with DA rollups offers a unique, flexible solution to scale according to different needs securely.

Omni-Chain Environment and Custom DA Settlement Strategies

zkDA facilitates the creation of an omni-chain environment by securely bridging rollup chains together. It also allows for crafting custom DA settlement strategies, providing flexibility to choose or combine different DA layers. This level of customization and interoperability is a distinct feature of zkDA, enhancing its appeal in a diverse blockchain ecosystem.

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Data Availability Layer

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