Gone are the days of dealing with complex blockchain addresses. Syscoin Platform enables you to create and use unique, recognizable Aliases on-chain, e.g. "sophias_personal" and “sophias_art_house.” Enjoy a more user-friendly experience when sending or receiving money and using other Syscoin services.

Aliases are…

  • Recognizable

    to transacting parties.

  • Associable

    to existing and new Syscoin addresses, and to Syscoin Identities

  • Transferable

    to other addresses as needed.

  • Affordable

    as generating a new Alias requires only a small SYS transaction fee amounting to a fraction of one US cent.

  • Extendable

    Keep your Alias active by extending the expiry date.

  • Configurable

    You can configure your Alias to receive Certificates or Assets, both, or neither.

  • Useful

    within all Syscoin services.


Download Blockmarket Desktop and experience creating and using your own Syscoin Aliases today.