Arbitrated Escrow

Syscoin Platform’s optional Arbitrated Escrow service enables buyers and sellers to transact with confidence and assurance. How does it work? Both parties involved in the transaction agree on a third-party to securely hold the buyer’s tokens in escrow until the terms of the sale are met. It’s as simple as that!

Incentivize Honest Transactions

Our service incentivizes honest transactions. If a merchant does not ship goods, the arbiter refunds the buyer. If the buyer receives the goods as described but does not release the payment, the arbiter releases funds to the merchant. At no point does the arbiter have access to the funds, they can only release or return them.

Once the process is complete, all parties, including the escrow agent, can submit ratings and provide feedback on the transaction. The feedback and rating system creates transparency which helps prevent dysfunctional behavior.

Lastly, escrow agents can set and charge fees, which gives them an incentive to provide this service.

Escrow Made Simple

Blockmarket Desktop makes it easy to take advantage of secure transactions when buying or selling items.. Once an escrow is created, both users are provided with controls based on their role which enables them to initiate specific functions.

API Tools

Want to integrate new and existing applications with the features and functionalities of Syscoin Arbitrated Escrow? No problem. We provide the API tools and documentation necessary for developers and organizations. Plus, community developers are ready to assist.

Want to learn more about Syscoin Arbitrated Escrow?

View the full Syscoin 3.0 Whitepaper for more details.