Asset & Token Platform

Empower your ICO or other project by transacting on the decentralised Syscoin network with Z-DAG Protocol. Your assets will become globally viable and you can reap the real-world benefits of Syscoin tokens.

Configure to Purpose...

  • Interest-bearing/Non-bearing (Staking)

  • Divisible/Non-divisible (Fungibility)

  • Individually colorable (Meta-data)

  • Fixed/Adjustable Supply

For Your Use Case

  • Securities

  • Utility tokens

  • Certificates

  • Loyalty points

  • Rewards

  • Point-of-Sale

Transact quickly, securely and
reliably, at very low cost

The Z-DAG Protocol empowers you to send and receive tokens in near real-time. An optimized network scales to meet high traffic demands that normally congest or halt other blockchain networks. All while incorporating the reliability and security of decentralization. Plus, it offers one of the lowest transaction fees in the blockchain space.

Always Evolving

The future for Syscoin Tokens continues to expand through the innovation of our partnerships and our team of Core and Community Developers.

What does the future hold?

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • Smart Contracts

  • Off-chain Data Aggregation

  • Decentralised Exchange

  • Web-wallets

Want to learn more about our ground-breaking Asset & Token Platform?

Check out the Syscoin 3.0 Whitepaper Summary, and the full Syscoin 3.0 Whitepaper for more details.