Asset & Token Platform

Empower your ICO or other project by transacting on the decentralised Syscoin network with Z-DAG Protocol. Your assets will become globally viable and you can reap the real-world benefits of Syscoin Platform Tokens.

What are the Benefits of Syscoin Platform Tokens?

  • Easy to create
  • Secure
  • Fast transaction speeds
  • Very low cost transactions
  • Many use-cases
  • Can be used on the Ethereum work using the Syscoin Bridge

Healthy Ecosystems Require Diversity

The Security of Bitcoin

Syscoin is merge-mined with Bitcoin, providing it with the security and robustness of the impenetrable Bitcoin network. This offers Syscoin holders the security of Bitcoin Proof-of-Work with the speed of Syscoin. Unlike some cryptocurrencies, merge-mining gives Syscoin the network reliability and enormous (and growing) hashing power underpinning Bitcoin. Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) created on Syscoin also benefit from the same security.


Transact quickly, securely and
reliably, at very low cost

The Z-DAG Protocol empowers you to send and receive tokens in near real-time. An optimized network scales to meet high traffic demands that normally congest or halt other blockchain networks. All while incorporating the reliability and security of decentralization. Plus, it offers one of the lowest transaction fees in the blockchain space.

For Your Use Case

  • Securities

  • Utility tokens

  • Certificates

  • Loyalty points

  • Rewards

  • Point-of-Sale

The Flexibility of ERC-20

Using a unique and revolutionary first-of-it’s-kind two way bridge, SP Tokens can seamlessly be converted into ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, without affecting the max total supply. This allows your token to access the functionality of features such as Ethereum-based Smart Contracts to the Syscoin Platform. It also allows holders of ERC-20 tokens to take advantage of Syscoin technologies such as Z-DAG.

Supported by all ERC-20 Wallets

One of the side benefits for Syscoin 4.0 users is the ability to harness the power of existing ERC-20 wallets and online services. The ability to access the widespread and versatile support for Ethereum is a powerful feature that gives Syscoin users access to all the benefits of ERC-20 applications. Likewise, when an ERC-20 token user wants to leverage Syscoin technologies such as high speed Z-DAG, they simply bridge over to the Syscoin blockchain. Bridges can be developed for connecting between Syscoin and most other cryptocurrencies.

Always Evolving

The future for SP Tokens continues to expand through the innovation of our partnerships and our team of Core and Community Developers.

What does the future hold?

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • Smart Contracts

  • Off-chain Data Aggregation

  • Decentralised Exchange

  • Lightning network for SP Tokens

Want to learn more about our ground-breaking Asset & Token Platform?

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