Create and Innovate with Syscoin

Are you a developer looking to build powerful blockchain applications with Syscoin Platform? Thanks to its familiar and easy-to-use API, developers can quickly leverage Syscoin’s rich feature set to for a wide range of applications. Syscoin also has a growing community of developers committed to learning, sharing, and contributing; giving you access to an ever-expanding knowledge-base.

Benefits of using Syscoin Platform:


Develop with Javascript, the most commonly-used coding language in the world.


Build apps that scale to any size thanks to blazing fast speeds, off-chain data, and data pruning.

Solid & Secure

Leverage the largest and most hack-resistant network on Earth as Syscoin is merge-mined with Bitcoin.


Use our unique Z-DAG technology for instant transactions in Point-of-Sale or In-Game use cases.

Open Source

Benefit from years of open-source development and tap into the power of the community.


With it’s high speed and low fees, Syscoin is provides an flexible and efficient solution for real-world applications.


Get your project funded through decentralized governance.


Utilising the first-of-a-kind bridging technology Syscoin Bridge, You can build bridges between platforms, using the best of all worlds.

Ethereum Bridge

First of its kind

Syscoin 4.0 introduces First-of-its-kind a bridge to Ethereum. This allows you to convert Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) into their ERC-20 paired equivalent token, SYSE. Now Syscoin users can harness powerful Ethereum features such as Smart Contracts. Developers can also create bridges to other blockchains as required, offering optimum versatility, forward-compatibility, diversity and interoperability across the cryptosphere.

Create Your Own Token


With Syscoin Platform, an organisation or individual can create their own custom blockchain token. This offers many opportunities to developers working on applications for a range of industries, from financial transactions to trading game assets. What would you like to tokenize?

Web Interfaces and Wallets

With Syscoin 4.0’s new ERC-20 bridged token SysE, you can now also access Syscoin through Ethereum, allowing full access to a huge variety of existing wallet options, both from a web perspective and a dapp perspective. If your application already has its own wallet functionality that handles Ethereum tokens, it can easily utilise SysE.


Using a local Syscoin node you can make API calls via CLI or RPC very easily. Where remote API functionality is required, you can setup your own private/internal endpoints or utilise SYSIO, which is an information node for generic public consumption.

Syscoin Platform Offers Flexibility to Developers

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Still not clear where to start?

One of the best places to start is by joining our #community-dev channel on Discord. It’s a friendly and supportive community of developers of a wide variety of skills and experience whom are looking to develop using Syscoin or make a visit to our warm and supportive developer community which is eager to help you out.