Encrypted Messaging

Syscoin Platform’s instant-messaging service provides a means of blockchain authenticated communication, which is secured by Identities. Experience it today in Blockmarket Desktop.

Messaging for Blockmarket

Blockmarket Desktop 3 uses Syscoin’s latest Encrypted Messaging service, offering a much faster, cheaper, and richer messaging experience. The improvements include:

  • An enhanced user experience.
  • Instant messages that provide read/unread status.
  • Optional email notifications for specific events on Blockmarket such as a sale or an escrow request.
  • Encryption of each message to your public/private key, hashed, and stored. Storage is on a distributed cloud service provided by Blockchain Foundry and anchored to the Syscoin blockchain.

Efficient Use of the Blockchain

Syscoin uses a hybrid approach involving the use of blockchain anchoring and off-chain cloud-based data storage. It facilitates many services and capabilities which aren’t possible for monolithic blockchain protocols, without resulting in typical blockchain ‘bloat’.

Future Capabilities of Encrypted Messaging

What’s next for Syscoin Encrypted Messaging? In the near future, it could include image support, enhanced (HTML) messages, attachments, exporting messages to a file for safekeeping, and even support direct phone calls and mobile text messaging.

Download Blockmarket

  • Exporting Messages

  • Enhanced (HTML) Messages

  • Text Messaging

  • Phone Calls

  • Attachments

  • Image Support

Want to learn more about Syscoin Encrypted Messaging?

View the full Syscoin 3.0 Whitepaper for more details.