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  • What is Syscoin?

    Established in 2014, the Syscoin development team boasts a long history of blockchain technology breakthroughs, corporate and grassroots partnerships, and an unbreakable commitment to bringing crypto to the mainstream.

    We work in close quarters with our ever-growing community of professional developers and enthusiasts to bring you one of the best blockchain development platforms in the field. It enables you to quickly and securely transact with anyone, anywhere.

    Syscoin platform provides the tools you need to remove middlemen and take control of the way you do business. Some of the features that can serve your organisation include:

    • Blockchain-based token creation (near-instant point-of-sale transactions and supply chain tracking).
    • Zero-counterparty bridging to other public blockchains of Syscoin and its tokens.
    • Fully-encrypted instant messaging.
    • On-chain identity verification (KYC & AML compliance).
    • And much more.

    The possibilities are endless. The only thing Syscoin Platform needs is your ideas!

  • What are the technical details I need to know about Syscoin?

    Syscoin uses SHA256 and is merge-mined with Bitcoin. Here are the parameters:

    • 1-minute target blocktime
    • DGW retargeting
    • Bitcoin code base (0.17+)
    • 10MB blocks
    • 888 million max supply
    • Asset issuance platform
    • ZDAG Technology (Syscoin innovation for 10 second point-of-sale and asset transfers, with DAG/PoW layered consensus)
    • Masternodes (facilitate ZDAG, scalability, and future Syscoin Protocol functionality)
    • Concurrent processing/multithreaded transaction verification (eliminates a significant performance bottleneck associated with blockchains)
    • Optimized transaction relay (decentralized high-speed mechanism used by ZDAG)
    • Trustless sidechain access to Ethereum and back through a custom permissionless/trustless sidechain technology (SYSX bridge)
    • EVM smart contract execution through the SYSX bridge
  • What is Syscoin Bridge and how does it work?

    Syscoin Bridge is a blockchain bridge for Syscoin to other blockchains. This technology is unique in that it allows for Syscoin tokens to exist across other blockchains, which in sum represent the total circulating supply of Syscoin. It is a two-way peg (2WP) and has been a focal point for the entire industry since Satoshi spoke about SPV in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

    While this bridge technology can be used to leverage any blockchain’s turing-complete capabilities, the first direct bridge will be built to the Ethereum chain for smart contract execution.

    Github link to SYSX:

  • Any specific uses of smart contracts for Syscoin specifically?

    There are multiple ways Syscoin can leverage smart contracts. Since it’s a two way bridge, smart contracts on Ethereum will also be able to leverage advantages specific for Syscoin such as Z-DAG speed and throughput by transferring their ERC20 token to a Syscoin asset.

  • Why should I choose Syscoin over other projects?

    With Syscoin, developing your own token on a blockchain platform has never been easier. Businesses and organizations of any kind can take advantage of the benefits of blockchain in a fast, secure, and transparent way. Plus, we provide tools to create a seamless integration.

  • What does the future hold for Syscoin?

    The Syscoin community and developers are always working, innovating, and launching new products. We help to educate students about blockchain and build partnerships with businesses and organizations around the globe.

    Link to Roadmap
  • How can I develop using Syscoin?

    There are many ways to develop using Syscoin, including:

    • Use your own asset/token. Syscoin lets you spawn your own customisable blockchain
    • Get access to API-endpoints. Use the Syscoin core library or SYSIO to request all kinds of information on Syscoin. It may involve Masternodes, information, or blockchain statistics.

    What if you need further assistance? The following resources are available for developers:

    Still not clear where to start?
    Visit our supportive developer community which is eager to help you out: Syscoin Discord

  • How can I directly get in touch with Syscoin?

    Contact us via the following:

    Social media links: Discord and Twitter,

  • Who is the team behind Syscoin?

    Multiple organisations contribute to the development of Syscoin.
    The first is the Sycoin Foundation, an objective, non-profit organisation based in The Netherlands. Its core responsibilities are:

    • To nurture, grow, and educate Syscoin users and commercial communities.
    • To engage with authorities on regulatory and commercial matters.
    • And to act as a blockchain and cryptocurrency standards body.

    Other entities include the Syscoin Development Team, Syscoin Community & Marketing Team (SCMT), Syscoin Asia Community (SAC), Syscoin Community Developers Society (SCDS), and Blockchain Foundry, Inc..

    The Syscoin Community & Marketing Team is the official Syscoin marketing team, responsible for all marketing and community-related efforts.

    The Syscoin Development Team consists of the founders and other professional developers that work on the Core Protocol.

    The Community Developers are professional developers building applications and integrations on Syscoin.

    Syscoin Asia Community is the official community team for Asian countries, responsible for all marketing and community-related efforts in those regions.

    Blockchain Foundry, Inc. consults start-ups and assists commercial ventures, organisations, and institutions with building solutions using the Syscoin blockchain. More information can be found on:, or

  • What  are other specific roles of the Syscoin Foundation?

    Syscoin is an open-source project which means that anybody can contribute and improve the protocol.

    The Syscoin Foundation represents the core team of developers who supervise the code in order to keep it secure.

    Other roles include incentivizing developers so they can dedicate their time to Syscoin, and representing the interests of Syscoin and its community in official and legal matters.

  • Where can I find more FAQ’s and tutorials?
  • Where can I buy Syscoin?

    Syscoin can be purchased via a range of exchanges:


    A complete and up to date list of exchanges can be found on CoinGecko or Coinmarketcap.

If you have more questions or are looking for tech-related information, you can visit our community website or join our welcoming community at