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Syscoin combines the best of Bitcoin + Ethereum to bring you a network to build the most secure, reliable, and fastest Web 3.0 applications.

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Q1 2022 ZK-Rollups will bring 210k TPS to Syscoin's mainnet, allowing your projects to run congestion-free.

Advanced Functionality

Network enhanced virtual machine will allow for advanced processing unlike anything possible on other smart contract networks.

Ironclad Security

Syscoin’s hashrate and security is second only to Bitcoin, meaning you can enjoy proven blockchain security enabled by merge-mining.

Syscoin combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum by bringing together the security of POW merge-mining with Ethereum's functionality. Syscoin NEVM Smart Contracts provide developers and engineers the tools they need to build with cutting-edge speed, security, and peace of mind.

NEVM Smart Contracts

Syscoin’s NEVM provides the kind of smart contracts and interoperability that is powerful enough to bring forth the metaverse, smart cities and the next evolution of the Internet not yet envisioned. It does this while remaining low-cost, high performance, secure and decentralized.

NEVM Smart Contracts

Utilizing SYS as an EIP-1559-based gas token, the NEVM network combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum together on the Syscoin Platform.


Bitcoin-Clad Security

With zkRollups, Syscoin will welcome a whole new level of speed and interoperability across all EVM enabled networks


ZK-Rollups: 210k TPS

In Q1 2022, Syscoin will introduce L2 ZK-Rollups, which will allow its smart contracts to far exceed the speeds achievable across EVM-enabled in lieu of other concessions.


Validium: 4 mill TPS

Syscoin will introduce our breakthrough Validium update by Q3 2022, which will enable speeds unimaginable prior.


Enhanced Masternode Network

Our incentivized full nodes are part of the vital infrastructure to provide a service layer for future Web 3.0 applications, and support high-throughput on Syscoin Network's token layers.



2.5 minute blocks are utilized to take full advantage of Chainlocks on the Masternode Network for added security on Syscoin Network’s robust L1.


UTXO Token Platform

On Syscoin’s UTXO Token Platform, the Z-DAG Protocol enables you to send and receive tokens in real time. The Syscoin token network is able to easily meet the high traffic demands that congest rival blockchain networks while also maintaining incredibly low transaction fees. This ensures that Syscoin is ready to meet the blockchain needs of the world.

Z-DAG Protocol

Z-DAG is a near-instant, ultra low-cost (~0.000004 SYS/transaction) L1 service already in operation, and will extend to all smart contracts and assets running on the Syscoin Platform.


Fungible Tokens

Kickstart your project with a Syscoin's UTXO-based token network. The token network allows you to take advantage of the patent-pending Z-DAG Protocol that sends and receives tokens in near real-time.


UTXO Based NFT's

Generate a single NFTs, or F-NFTs (Fractionalized NFTs) that allow users to share ownership of a single token.



Syscoin was the first blockchain network to enable Taproot on its mainnet. Since early 2021, all transactions on Syscoin are able to benefit from Taproot’s privacy measures.


Stress Free Roadmap

ZK-Rollups: 210k TPS (Q1 2022)

With ZK-Rollups, Syscoin will welcome a whole new level of speed and interoperability across all EVM-enabled networks.


Validium: 4 Mill TPS (Q3 2022)

Validium will bring massive scale to off-chain transactions, which will lay the foundations for the smart cities and metaverses of the future.


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