Syscoin Identities enables you to securely store, control, and access public and private identity information. Whether you are an organization or individual, enjoy a broad and growing range of uses and benefits.

  • Web & App authentication

  • Reduced cost and technical overhead of KYC & AML compliance

  • Digital notary

  • KYC & AML fulfillment

  • Confirmation of identity details during retail and peer-to-peer transactions

  • Electronic signature

Industry & Regulatory Standards

Syscoin Platform partners with the Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF) and its founding members, including Blockchain Foundry, Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

The DIF determines and releases specifications for decentralised identity that can be used by regulators for things like KYC and AML Syscoin contributes and adapts to these specifications.


The Syscoin Identities layer evolves with minimal core changes, network forks, or blockchain ‘bloat’. This is possible, in large part, due to blockchain-anchoring. It maintains proof of data integrity on-chain, while linking to private encrypted data securely stored off-chain. As a result, new specifications are efficiently and seamlessly implemented with shorter turnaround times.


Developers can empower users and processes of new and existing applications with the features and functionality of Syscoin Identities.

Syscoin Platform provides the API tools, data sources, and documentation you need. Plus, Community Developers are ready to assist! Get started today!

Want to learn more about Syscoin Identities?

View the full Syscoin 3.0 Whitepaper for more details.