4.1 Release and Blockheight Announcement for Syscoin Bridge Mainnet

Syscoin 4.1 is being released this Friday, December 20th.  We’ve reached this exciting moment after over a year of research and development towards a trustless and permissionless interoperability platform, and months of internal testing with the help of the mighty Art-of-Bug team, followed by public testing. 

Syscoin Bridge, to and from Ethereum, will go live at block number 348,000, expected approximately January 28th, 2020, giving miners, exchanges and masternode operators an ample window of time to update accordingly.

A big “Thank you!” to everyone involved, from the Core devs for their innovation, to Art-of-bug for their expertise, and of course our Syscoin Community as a whole for the dedication, vision and work they passionately contribute.

Expect a blog post on December 20th which will cover the details of our 4.1 release!

For those not yet familiar with Syscoin Bridge, here is a short recap:

A Trustless Bridge

Syscoin Bridge is set to offer trustless and permissionless interoperability between the Syscoin and Ethereum blockchains, freeing you from the common limitations and risks when moving from one platform to another. Neither counter-parties nor incentivized custodial holders are required to use the bridge.

A two-way mint/burn process using zero-knowledge proofs provides token fungibility in both directions, while the sum token supply is properly maintained across all involved platforms.

Syscoin Bridge stands apart by providing other distributed ledgers the benefits of Syscoin Platform, including access to the decentralized high-throughput transaction layer, ZDAG; tested by Whiteblock and shown to surpass the transaction throughput of the largest credit card networks.

Bridge users benefit from Syscoin's underlying security, which is inherent in being merged-mined with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash; Syscoin’s base layer remains fully compliant with Bitcoin Core, staying up-to-date with the latest Bitcoin technology. 

Prominent Syscoin core developers, 

Blockchain Foundry

 selected Ethereum as the first subject of integration for this bridge. Two fundamental reasons led the company to choose Ethereum: to provide new and existing Syscoin Platform Tokens with access to Ethereum's time-tested smart contract capabilities and toolkits, and address Ethereum's growing need for a viable scaling solution by giving ERC20s access to fast, secure, low-cost transactions on a scalable layer that is also decentralized.

Dec 17, 2019 by Syscoin Foundation, Blockchain Foundry & SDMT