Pali, the World’s First Bitcoin Core-based Web3 Wallet is Now Live!

Introducing Pali

In early 2021, the Syscoin Foundation partnered with Pollum to initiate the development of a non-custodial Web3 browser wallet. The wallet is designed to offer a crucial toolset for developers and users, who seek to benefit from Syscoin’s many features. Today we are proud to release V1 of Pali, which works with Syscoin and Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPTs), including the SPT NFTs that were introduced by the Syscoin LUX update earlier this year.


"We're really proud of how Pali turned out and how far we've come. Syscoin Foundation is a great partner to have, as they're fast-moving and really go beyond just building the protocol, but also providing the community with many features and products for the long term. As with any healthy product, development is not stopping and we plan on rolling out many innovative features to help blockchain users across many ecosystems - Syscoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic, Avalanche, and many others."

- Claudio Vilas Boas, CTO @ Pollum

When developing the Pali one of our primary goals was usability; so we took deliberate care to ensure that the wallet is aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Those who are familiar with MetaMask will feel right at home when using Pali as most of the user flow is directly inspired by what has become an industry-standard over the past few years. Likewise, Pali works with a twelve-word backup phrase, which makes backing it up just as easy.


Pali is a non-custodial wallet, meaning you are the only one who has control over your wallet and its contents, in contrast with centralized exchanges, who you must trust to hold your coins and tokens on your behalf.

Given the importance of your funds remaining safe, Pali was developed with the highest security standards in mind and underwent an external security audit performed by industry experts, Cyrex, who thoroughly tested and did their best to exploit the wallet. Security will always be paramount, and we have only readied the launch of Pali after the passage of a final security audit.

Trezor Compatibility

Pali Wallet is compatible with the Trezor hardware wallet, which means those who have been patiently waiting to store their Syscoin and SPTs on their Trezor devices now have the option to do so seamlessly and add an additional layer of security to their storage.

“I am proud to have contributed to the first user-friendly, Bitcoin Core-based Web3 and Syscoin wallet! The team at Pollum exceeded expectations to ensure Pali was up to the highest standards and a truly unique product that can be utilized by so many in the crypto space. Working with them was an absolute pleasure and the Syscoin Foundation is looking forward to continuing our partnership to develop V2 in the coming months.”

Michiel - Syscoin Foundation Vice President.

Pali V2

Pali V1 supports the core of SYS like Syscoin itself and SPTs, which are backed by the security of Bitcoin.

V2 will support our NEVM layer and other EVM-based chains. This means that our users will be able to seamlessly leverage the best of both worlds in terms of the two leading blockchain paradigms currently on the market.

Developers will similarly have the option to use a single wallet that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum-like web interactions in order to build their dapps, specifically using Syscoin Core & the NEVM, making Pali Wallet the first Web3-compatible Bitcoin wallet out there.


We have developed SysMint, the first Pali dapp designed to make the most friendly user experience out the Syscoin Platform’s capabilities. SysMint allows you to easily create and manage SPTs and Syscoin Core NFTs, no programming knowledge required!

Get started

Download Pali here to start exploring the Syscoin ecosystem! Are you looking to implement Pali into your own dapp?

If so, please check out the documentation portal!

About Pali

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Pali Wallet is the official Syscoin browser wallet developed in a strong partnership formed by Syscoin Foundation and the leading blockchain development company Pollum.

Manage, receive and send crypto as well as both fungible & non-fungible tokens across multiple chains directly from your web browser! Easy to use, secure & blazing fast, Pali is your new go-to wallet.

In order to not only better support our users & the community, but also help out other developers & the ecosystem, our code is 100% open-source (check it out in our repo) and audited by Cyrex.

Along with hardware wallet support, Pali is both Bitcoin Core/ HD BIP 32 compliant (live now!) and Web3 compliant (coming soon). This means that our users are able to seamlessly leverage the best of both worlds in terms of the two leading blockchain paradigms currently on the market.

Developers can similarly use a single wallet to support Bitcoin and Ethereum-like web interactions to build their dApps, specially using Syscoin Core & the NEVM, making Pali Wallet the first Web3-compatible Bitcoin wallet out there.

About Syscoin

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Syscoin Platform is a full Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchain solution built to combine industry-proven technology to support cutting-edge applications all in one network. The project’s goal is to build a protocol that transforms the blockchain experience and combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Through Bitcoin merge-mining, Syscoin transforms Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work security and decentralization into a functional and scalable solution.

Syscoin’s Layer-1 features include proprietary Z-DAG technology to experience near-instant network transactions, ultra-low transaction fees, taproot, and a token platform, and compatibility with Bitcoin’s emerging Layer-2 advancements. Syscoin’s token platform currently features custom notary API, Fungible Tokens, NFTs, and Fractionalized NFTs.

On the Syscoin Platform, a masternode network provides a scalable service layer and added security through ChainLocks. Building on the Syscoin Platform unlocks future access to Network Enhanced Smart Contracts (NEVM) that takes the best of Ethereum and expands its processing power to facilitate bigger and more complex programs with ultra-low fees.

Oct 26, 2021 by Syscoin Foundation