Syscoin Expands to Brazil & Latin America

We are excited to announce a new initiative which will further expand the Syscoin community. The Syscoin Marketing Team has formed a new dedicated branch that is scaling language and culture barriers to bring the unique and important benefits of Syscoin to Brazil and other regions in Latin America.

Syscoin at Bitconf Brazil 2020

The need for blockchain solutions is increasing by the day, everywhere. Quan Digital did excellent work repping Syscoin at Brazil’s Bitconf 2020. From that effort we recognized an opportunity.

Brazil represents a significant economy where general interests in blockchain, cryptocurrency and DeFi are growing fast among a large Portuguese-speaking population in need of better financial solutions. The same is true for much of Spanish-speaking Latin America. We anticipate their growing needs for open finance, decentralized digital money, and for Syscoin’s ideal blockchain platform and core infrastructure.

This new SMT branch will step-up to translate and promote articles and other content, create new content, and attend conferences and meet-ups. Other efforts will include managing web-presence and social media dedicated to growing our Portuguese and Spanish-speaking community. This branch will continually strategize, adapt, and maximize exposure. 

Two new Syscoin Telegram channels are launching to kick-off this initiative; Syscoin LATAM and Syscoin Brasil.

New and existing Syscoin-based projects, tokens and partners will enjoy an even wider audience recognizing the innovation of Syscoin, their platform-of-choice, leading to easier adoption of their solutions. For example, Lode's metal-backed stablecoin ecosystem can resonate with a broad base in these regions where precious metals are more recognized as a means-of-exchange. Corion Platform and others can benefit as well.  

SMT and the Foundation are grateful to the entire Syscoin Community. We look forward to exciting days ahead as we continue to advance awareness across the globe. Stay tuned for more developments!

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Oct 20, 2020 by SMT, SMT Brasil & LATAM, Syscoin Foundation